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Kasich Hints He'll Leave GOP If Republicans Don't Stop Embracing Republicanism

John Kasich thinks the Republican Party needs to give up the ignorance, the racism, the party-before-country attitude, otherwise he's rethinking his affiliation.

I'm not sure what bubble John Kasich has been in for the last fifty years or so, but on today's State of the Union, the Ohio governor wanted the GOP to know that if they keep embracing all the things that Republicans have stood for, he may have to rethink his affiliation.

That's right. Kasich thinks the Republican Party should eschew the tenets that have made the Republican Party Republicans since the Southern Strategy.

  • No more racism
  • No more sexism
  • No more punching down
  • No more picking First Amendment fights
  • No more appealing to white nationalists
  • No more party over country

Question: How will John Kasich recognize the GOP without these traits?

"...What I'm trying to do is struggle for the soul of the Republican Party, the way that I see it. And I have a right to define it, but I'm not going to support people who are dividers, or people who -- look, I don't want to get into all of the wild accusations that [Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore] has made." Kasich complained. "You can talk about them yourself. But what I can tell you is these parties have got to get their act together and they've got to be focused on giving people who are middle and lower-income folks a real chance at prosperity."

Kasich worries that the parties are leaving him behind. "If the party can't be fixed, Jake, then I'm not going to be able to support the party, period, that's the end of it. I mean, I'm worried about our country and my kids' future. I am worried."

Join the club. With the exception of a small percentage of unreachable #MAGA hat-wearers, the entire world is scared to death that American hyperpartisanship (and the subsequent normalization of Trump's instability) is going to get us all killed.

"But have I given up? Of course not. We're doing fine here in the state of Ohio."

Are you sure about that? Because, you know, that's just not what Kasich's version of folksy conservativism has been doing in Ohio. Like, really, really not.

Make no mistake, there's a big, steaming pile "both siderism" in Kasich's segment (and no, I didn't miss his Gingrich-approved use of "DemocRAT" party).

So maybe if Kasich thinks the GOP--to survive the Era of Trump--needs to let go of the hyper-partisanship and alienating rhetoric, he should start with himself first.

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