December 21, 2017

The #CorkerKickback will continue to haunt Bob Corker, despite his mewling that he is innocent. Take it away, Fortune:

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has reportedly failed to disclose millions of dollars in income from various investments since taking office in 2007.

While Senators often amend financial-disclosure forms, Corker filed dozens of corrections on Friday, according to the Wall Street Journal following an inquiry by the paper over regarding irregularities in his original forms.

And what are these various investments?

The Republican Senator had failed to disclose $2 million in income from three hedge fund investments and additional millions from real-estate investments as well as other assets and financial transactions, the Journal reports. The fully amended filings show at least $3.8 million in additional income between 2007 and 2014 from commercial real-estate holdings.

Why, what a coinkydink! Those are exactly the things that the #CorkerKickback will give tax breaks to! And what makes it even more coinkydinky is that those amended financial disclosures were on the same day he flipped from a Nay to a Yay vote, without reading the legislation.

It is of course, circumstantial, but it certainly supports he’s a crook.

And then there's this:

But this is where it becomes interesting for Ol’ Orrin Hatch, too. IB Times:

Elaine Hatch, the wife of the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee who said Monday that he wrote the real-estate tax break and disputed IBT’s report that the provision had not been in previous versions of the bill, owns a stake in a real-estate LLC worth up to $500,000 that generated between $5,000 and $15,000 of income from rent/royalties, interest and capital gains in 2016.

So maybe the #CorkerKickback was Hatch all along? It still doesn’t explain why Corker flipped his vote and still claims he never read the thing. Anyway, read the article if you have a chance, it’s outrageous that 14 GOP Senators (and Preznint Comrade Stupid) were feather-nesting. The IBTimes also has a handy chart of who in the GOP Senate will benefit the most, and yup, it’s Corker.

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