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If Manafort Needed Money So Badly, Why Did He Work For Trump For Free?

The Last Word panel has the obvious answer for why Manafort volunteered for the Trump Campaign.

So Paul Manafort is being charged, among other things, with bank fraud, in which he (allegedly) falsified loan application documents to make his personal wealth much more than it actually is.

And he was a campaign volunteer for Trump? Was it because he could make more money that way?

That the conclusion Ron Klain came to on Last Word Thursday night:

RON KLAIN: [The indictment] begins to pierce the idea that the Manafort and Gates thing have nothing to do with the Russia problem. What's playing in this indictment is Manafort and Gates were deep in hock to Putin's ally in Ukraine. They were in a desperate financial situation. and in the middle of a financial situation, Paul Manafort agrees to take a volunteer charge as head of the Trump campaign. So the question is, "why is that a person, defrauding banks, should become a volunteer in the campaign, what was this about?" I think we're closer and closer to learning that the top two team members in Trump Tower were on Putin's Puppet's payroll. That's a big development as this thing unfolds.

And David Cay Johnston points out that these indictments were written with a jury in mind:

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: I'm glad I'm not the lawyer for either one of these guys. I've seen prosecutors blow cases because they made them so difficult to understand, the jury couldn't get it. This is laid out in the most brilliant fashion. and a great deal of it involves Cyprus. That means Russians are involved, even though they're not named. And it's all these people that we're never going to hear about: they have a bookkeeper, an accountant, another person where there are e-mails, memos, "please doctor these documents." How do you defend against something like that, when all they have to do is prove you filed the false tax returns?

And guess who else is widely suspected to be in hock to Russians or Russian puppets?

And guess who already has access to that stupid so-called president's tax returns?


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