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Republicans' Love Affair With Russians Goes All The Way Back To DeLay And Abramoff

Out of the clear blue, someone sent me this picture of Tom DeLay …
Republicans' Love Affair With Russians Goes All The Way Back To DeLay And Abramoff

Out of the clear blue, someone sent me this picture of Tom DeLay …

That’s notorious Russian mobster and Putin confidant Alexander Torshin, along with Hot Tub Tom and NRA President David Keene…..

There is no date or location associated with the picture.

DeLay got himself into some sticky wicket with the Russians years ago. He took a dark money donation from them to start the Alexander Strategy Group along with Jack Abramoff and Ed Buckham. They were DeLay’s money pimps. In 2006, the Houston Chronicle reported …

The network was used to promote causes championed by DeLay, according to the Washington Post.

The group raised $2.5 million from three Abramoff clients, including $1 million from Russian businessmen, the Post reported. Abramoff worked with Buckham to organize a 1997 trip to Moscow by DeLay.

All of this crapola with DeLay and the Russians was in the early 1990’s. He took a million dollars from them in dark money. I wrote about it at the time and I have looked all morning for the article I wrote and I can’t find the danged thing. It was an outrageous satire piece asking why DeLay wanted to keep the donor a secret. I asked, “Did he get it from the commies in Russia?”

My boss lady suggested that was why Tom was so afraid of me and got panicked when I showed up at his trial. I was right. The most outrageous, shameful place he could have gotten the money is where he actually got the money. DeLay thought I knew something. I didn’t – it was just a dopey guess.

Anyway, maybe it was even worse than we suspected. I can’t date the picture but it looks to me like it was after DeLay’s second facelift, which would place it around the past four years. But that’s just a guess.

And God help us all — he’s hired someone to write a another book for him. Please feel free to go to Amazon to review it. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t read it. I can assure you that Tom hasn’t either.

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Ed. Note (Karoli) I don't know if Juanita Jean ever posted at Daily Kos or if she even wrote this, but here's a nice post about Tom Delay, the Russians and some money laundering that might fit with what she was looking for.

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