Scarborough Ridicules The Idea Of Nunes' Claims Of A Liberal Conspiracy To Get Trump

Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough was contempuous of yesterday's House Intelligence Committee statement that they were closing the Russia investigation after finding no evidence of Russian collusion --especially Devin Nunes, who he ridiculed as a "courier for Donald Trump's White House handlers."

"It's obvious that he was, lying to the press corps right there, claiming he had information, then rushing over to the White House saying hey, what information do I have?" Scarborough reminded viewers.

"Again, this guy has been caught red-handed time and time again, being nothing more than a courier, than Donald Trump's handler down at the White House, but this, so-called liberals, that Jim said at Fox News or Republicans would claim were investigating Donald Trump.

"Robert Mueller, I'll remind everyone, once again, a lifetime Republican, Rod Rosenstein, despite the the fact that Donald Trump lied about it, a Republican, his CIA director who came to the conclusion that the Russians were trying to help Donald Trump, a Republican.

"Dan Coats, the national Director of Intelligence, a Republican, I could go down the list. they're all Republicans. By the way, Richard Burr, a guy I came in with in 1994 running the Senate intel's investigation who has scolded rightly many times the House intel committee, a rock-ribbed Republican. Everybody conducting this investigation is -- they are not part of a Democratic conspiracy, they're all just Republicans -- who, unlike this House intel committee want to get to the truth."

"Gotta side with Nunes on this one, Joe. Sorry," Sam Stein quipped.


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