April 27, 2018

So Andrew Puzder, the fast-food multimillionaire who Trump tried to put in as secretary of labor, was on Stephanie Ruehl's show this morning whining about the horrible, horrible attacks on Trump's nominees like Ronny Jackson. (And yes, Ruehl pointedly brought up Merrick Garland.)

Elise Jordan had enough. "It really is insulting to the American public to say the Senate should just give a rubber stamp on absolutely anyone --"

"That's just not true."

"These are unqualified individuals --"

"Like Mike Pompeo?" Puzder retorted. (Editor's note: Putting in an extreme Christianist who's eager to help bring on the Rapture as secretary of state should concern normal people!)

"I actually disagree with the appointment of Mike Pompeo," Jordan said. "The American people deserve better than someone retweeting conspiracy theories."

"Oh, good Lord --

"Andy, Andy, Elise --"

"-- to approve Hillary Clinton who supported her husband when he took women -- there are develop well-founded allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and more? It was okay to approve her when she supported her husband in silencing those women but it's not okay for a guy who deleted some tweets."

An outraged Ruehl called him on it, warning, "You don't want you to go down the rabbit hole, do you?"


"Really? Really?"

"Yes, I think -- yes, we changed the rule when Bill Clinton was president. We said you can stay president --"

"Wait, wait, we didn't change the rule --"

"No, sir, we --"

"Before Bill Clinton, we never, we never would have let somebody stay in office like that --"

"Garry Hart," she said.

"Now you've got a Republican in office and you want to change the rules because allegations. Nothing proven but allegations out there."

Ruehl asked Puzder if he thought Trump never cheated on his wives. He said he has "no idea."

"You don't think the Access Hollywood" tape is true?"

"Number one, the tape doesn't mean he cheated on his wife."

"He admitted in a book to cheating on his wife."

"That's between him and Melania. It's not something we know about --"

"Which wife do you want to talk about?"

And so on.

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