June 25, 2018

Today's meme o' the day is civility, or lack thereof. Of course, this theme only applies to those of us on the left, who are supposed to meekly accept blatant lies, threats, taunts, and harm done to little children because we might be in danger of being considered angry liberals, which might exact a political cost.

Perish the thought. Watch this stupid panel convened on MSNBC's KasieDC yak show yesterday. Please, someone give them all a string of pearls to clutch as they have the vapors over how uncivil everyone is because someone deprived Sarah Huckabee Lying Liar All The Time Sanders of her damned cheese plate.

Here's Kevin McLaughlin scolding "the left" as Villagers are wont to do:

"I do think that one of the things that's frustrating is, you know, if we want to stop and we want to raise the civility is people need to stop celebrating like on the left, they need to stop celebrating people like Robert DeNiro what he said at the Tonys. Stop cheering what people are doing in restaurants. It's outrageous. It needs to be treated the same way people treat what President Trump says that people see as incitement.

We need to have a balance. We need to find it, I don't know how. somebody has to put a pin in the balloon. the balloon is about to burst. It's terrifying. It feels like a powder keg."

Hey Kev, you know what MAGAts say to you? "Fck your feelings." That's what you think is civil? Oh, right. It's only "the left" who needs to be civil. Whatever those fascists on the other side do is just fine because they're allowed. Really?

Uncivil Things: Separating children as young as three months away from their parents at the border and putting them in baby jails.

Uncivil Things: Executing abortion doctors and then raising money for their executioners.

Uncivil Things: Suppressing the vote and stripping people of color of their voice.

Uncivil Things: Threatening lawmakers for speaking their minds.

Uncivil Things: Lying every single day in the name of our government to the press and to the people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders does every time she opens her mouth on camera.

Uncivil Things: Celebrating Russian interference in our elections.

Uncivil Things: Standing next to dictators and praising them when you are the president of the largest "democracy" in the world. (See Kim Jong-un, et al)

Uncivil Things: Telling people with pre-existing conditions to die and die quickly and celebrating that in public.

Those are only a few uncivil things coming from Trump and his gang of right-wing Nazis. So fck you Villagers and your civility scoldings to the left. Fck every last one of you. And fck Donald Fcking Trump and his fcking administration full of truly evil fcking swamp monsters.

Charlie Pierce:

For the benefit of those people also living in Fred Hiatt’s Land Without History: abortion providers have been stalked. Their children have been stalked. Their places of business have been vandalized. And, lest we forget, doctors who perform abortions have been fucking killed! They’ve been gunned down in their clinics, in their kitchens, and in their churches. They have not been allowed to live peaceably with their families, Fred, you addlepated Beltway thooleramawn. They haven’t been allowed to live at all. I’m no expert, but I’m fairly sure that a bullet in the head is far more uncivil than a complementary fucking cheese plate. What is wrong with these people?


I'm not going to comment further on the COMPLETELY INSANE reaction to liberals having the temerity to get angry about Trump and express it in social interactions.

Shhhh. Don't ask for trouble.Submit.


By the way, "stop resisting" is what cops scream at unarmed citizens in handcuffs on the ground while they're tasing and beating the shit out of them.


I have given up entirely on the idea that the institutional political media can reforming itself.

It can't, because whatever behind-the-scenes corporate directives have turned the fourth estate into a mindless Both Siderist Pez dispenser, it is clear that the sanctity of our democracy is simply irrelevant to the people who control the news. Which is why, 13 years after taking up my pen and pixels to "document the atrocities" as we rage and lament in the long, dark shadow of yet another Republican catastrophe in the White House, who has also surrounded himself with fanatics and criminals and imbeciles, once again doing irreparatble harm to our already maimed democracy and already a full parsec ahead of everyone else in the race for worst president in history...

Wonkette took on Meghan McCain's vapors. Yes, that Meghan McCain, married to Ben Domenech, founder and publisher of The Federalist, a publication which recently featured an article ruminating on scalping liberals. How civil is this, Meghan?

So, back to scalping thing. When you make that long trek to the reservation the leftists have set up for you—and make that trek you will—what memories do you want to take with you? When living in the liberal utopian nightmare of 57 genders and government control over everything in your life, you will want to have been a Lakota. You'll want to know, to remember, even just cherish the knowledge that, one day, you rode out onto the plains and made them feel pain.

Meghan, you hypocritical little scold.

Meanwhile, on the Senate floor, this thing happened:

To which I replied:

If media is "disturbed" by the incivility of our current discourse, perhaps they should take a look in the damned mirror and get a clue. Lies and gaslighting can be enabled or we can end the relationship.

It is time to end the relationship. Get angry, media. Or not. At the very least, you can STAND UP FOR TRUTH and stop pretending things are just normal like any other administration in our history. STAND UP.

If you can't do that, then turn it all off and go home because you are complicit right now. Every time you shake your fist at people standing up for decency and democracy a despot celebrates.

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