July 22, 2018

Marco Rubio joined Jake Tapper on CNN "State of The Union" this morning to discuss a variety of Trump-related issues. To say he showed a moderately functioning spine would be a lie - it had the consistency of overcooked pasta.

Regarding Putin coming to the White House (vomit) and the symbolism (vomit) behind it and how offensive it is to most Americans (gag):

TAPPER: The White House says plans are in the works to bring Vladimir Putin to the white house for a meeting in the fall. what's your reaction and do you think if Putin comes to town he should also come to Capitol Hill?

RUBIO: First understanding is the President always wanted to meet with Putin in America first, didn't want to go to Moscow first or want a third country first, didn't want the first meeting to be on the sidelines of some other engagement. He agreed to Helsinki but now back to his original plan, the first meeting with Putin in his home turf in the United States in Trump's home turf. I think that's what's this is about. I don't have -- no one has been tougher on Putin and interference than I have been, I don't believe. I don't have a problem with the President of United States interacting with a President of the Russian federation, they have a lot of nuclear weapons. That's separate of the question whether or not in the interactions we should be clear eyed who Putin is. Not interested in better relations with the United States, walked away from that a long time ago. He's interested in gaining advantage at our expense and to his benefit. As long as we go in with a very clear understanding, we can engage him all we want but not under any illusion.

That may be the longest non-answer answer in the history of non-answers ever given. He tried to say HE was tough on Russia, didn't talk about a White House visit at all and tried to give cover to Trump.

Tapper asks again:

TAPPER: You have suggested in the past you think Putin might be responsible for war crimes, not just in Syria --

RUBIO: ...he has been. I know he has.

TAPPER: Do you have a problem with him coming to the White House? I mean meeting with the president is one thing, but coming to the White House is another.

RUBIO: The symbolism of it, people could make the argument you just pointed out, there's no doubt in my mind Putin has authorized war crimes. He also possesses between U.S. 90% of the world's nuclear weapons and the president pointed out this week. Kind of one of those tough situations, if he was a dictator of a third world country we would treat him one way, we have to engage with a guy like this. but knowing exactly who he is, this is the guy that shot down that Malaysian airliner and invaded Ukraine and took Crimea. This is the guy that murders his political opponents, this is who we're dealing with and bombs aide convoys and helps the Syrian regime gas people by covering for them. This is who we're dealing with. as long as we know that --

Still not an answer...he mentions symbolism but moves on really fast. Pathetic. More blather about how Trump is a DC outsider and new to politics and yadda yadda, excuses, more excuses and blather.

Moving on to the ridiculous idea of Putin interrogating Americans:

TAPPER: You said words matter but actions matter more. President Trump said it was an "incredible offer" for Russia to cooperate with investigations on interference in exchange for officials, including Michael McFaul and rejected the idea. In the statement Sarah Sanders called it "a proposal made in sincerity" by President Putin. Does it bother you that this was ever even taken seriously and then even when it was rejected that they thought Putin was being sincere?

RUBIO: I don't think it was taken seriously and ever going to do that. obviously --

TAPPER: ...incredible offer.

Cool, more excuses for what should have been a direct and firm renouncement on the stage. But, know, Trump is new at this and all. He doesn't understand world diplomacy or how our Ambassadors should be treated.

They wrapped up with more talk about why Trump refuses to accept the IC assessment that Russia hacked our elections, Trump's "would/wouldn't" press conference, NATO, how "tough" Rubio has REALLY been on Trump (snort) and how the Republicans are doing a stellar job holding him accountable (double snort).

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