The latest ABC News/WaPo poll show Donald Trump's approval ratings fall 4 points while a majority support the Mueller investigation and Jeff Sessions.
Donald Trump's Approval Ratings Tank, While Disapproval Ratings Reach An All Time High Of 60%
Credit: MSNBC
September 1, 2018

It looks like Donald Trump daily twitter rants, weekly rallies and unhinged interviews where he rants against the press, Robert Muller and the Special Counsel, Jeff Sessions and Democrats is falling flat with potential voters. A poll by ABC/Washington Post posted on Friday showed a marked drop in the polls for Trump - only 36% approve, while 60% disapprove! That is a shocking number.

There were some other interesting trends that were discovered in this wide ranging poll, as reported by the Washington Post:

This poll was conducted during the week of Aug. 26 to 29, directly following Paul Manafort's conviction and Michael Cohen's plea deal.

  • 49% of Americans say Congress should begin IMPEACHMENT proceedings!
  • 53% say that Trump has tried to interfere with Mueller's investigation (ie Obstruction of Justice)
  • 60% disapprove of Trump’s job performance
  • Only 36% approve of Trump's performance

The numbers get worse for Trump when you break it down by party and demographics:

  • Only 78% of Republicans approve of his performance
  • 93% of Democrats disapprove
  • 59 percent of independents disapprove
  • Only 45% of White people approve

The gender gap is enormous:

  • Only 54% of men disapprove of his performance
  • A shocking 66% of women disapprove

And in terms of Mueller's investigation:

  • 63% support the investigation, with 52 % say they support it "strongly"
  • Only 29 % oppose the probe

When broken down by party:

  • 61% of Republicans oppose the Mueller probe
  • 85% of Democrats support it

But the most critical support block: 67% of independents support it - and that is dangerous for Trump

Regarding Manafort: 2/3 of those polled oppose a pardon for Manafort, with 53% "strongly" opposing it.

And regarding Jeff Sessions, the beleaguered Attorney General who has served as Donald Trumps punching bag for months now:

  • 64% of Americans don't think Trump should fire Sessions
  • Only 19% support firing Sessions
  • And only 47% of Republicans support firing Sessions

In summary, none of these numbers are good for Trump. He is losing support of the Republican party across all areas and independents seem to be leaning more towards the Democrats. This is terrible news for him with under 70 days until the elections. But it is great news for the rest of us!

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