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Katie Pavlich: 'Democrats Have A Track Record Of Being Unpatriotic'

The Cult of Personality has a hissy fit over Andrew Cuomo's comments.

Taking their cue from the Orange Cheeto, the Fox News’ Outnumbered bunch got their knickers in a twist over Andrew Cuomo saying America “was never that great.”

Has-been Sean Spicer kicked off the discussion by calling it a “deplorable comment” ("deplorable" -- get it?) that undermines our American ideals.

And Harris Faulkner posted this on Twitter.

Marie Harf stood up for Cuomo, saying his words “didn’t come out right” and were probably supposed to be a play on Trump’s past remarks about “American carnage.” Katie Pavlich said Cuomo shouldn't get the benefit of the doubt because Democrats have a “track record of being unpatriotic.”

“Andrew Cuomo didn’t flub anything. This is the pattern of Democrats over the past 10 years,” kooky Katie insisted.

Well, she said it on Fox News -- it MUST be true!

Updated via John Amato:

Marie Harf did well to fend off the entire couch who used the same tired shopping list of conservative jingoistic qualms to try and deface the left.

Marie really got up into Katie's grill.

Harf said, "And I think that the accusation that Democrats are unpatriotic and putting Barack Obama in that list, Katie, you and I are friends - I am so offended by what you just said."

After Katie asked if kneeling for the national anthem is patriotic, as if all NFL players are suddenly Democrats, Harf said "I think the highest form of patriotism is protest. It's how our country was founded."

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After Katie made a snide remark about serving in the military, Marie responded by saying she worked in the CIA and, "I would love for you to serve in the government too."



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