October 29, 2018

CNN's Jake Tapper played a segment last night from Kellyanne Conway:

"The anti-religiosity in this country that is somehow in vogue and funny to make fun of anybody of faith, to constantly be making fun of people who express religion, the late night comedians, the unfunny people on tv shows. It's always anti-religious, and remember, these people were gunned down in their place of worship."

"Kellyanne outdid herself today, that is just incredible spin, late night comedians? They were not murdered by an anti-religious person. They were murdered by a crazy anti-semite. Bill Maher may mock every religion. He has never picked up a gun. How does she sleep at night? It's a dangerous response to responsibility. It's too stupid to be believed. No one will fall for it."

"I think a few minutes ago, I was encouraging prayer and Joan said she thought that was offensive to the agnostics and atheists in our country," former Trump staffer Marc Short said.

"Are you kidding?" an incredulous Walsh said.

"No, I'm being quite factual with the comments you just gave," Short (who also worked for Mike Pence) said.

"My comments contribute to an 'anti-religious atmosphere'? How dare you?" she said.

Walsh said she went to Catholic school and is a practicing Catholic, and said she found his remarks "deeply offensive."

Geeze, Joan. Everyone knows that Catholics (according to fundamentalist sects) aren't "real" Christians. Ask Mike Pence!


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