October 18, 2018

Right after a segment of Jason Stanley talking about his new book, "How Fascism Works," Morning Joe moved to a perfect example of fascist "othering" tactics:

"Now to the story. A caravan of migrants fleeing the country and growing north has grown to 4,000 people," Mika Brzezinski said. "The Mexican government sent 500 federal police to its border with Guatemala in anticipation of the caravan's arrival. According to U.S. documents obtained by U.S. news, border protection is tracking the caravan as the migrants make their way north to the U.S. border."

"You know, it's not surprising something like this would be used by the president to distract from the fact that he's embracing a regime that carves off the arms, the fingers, the head of a Washington Post journalist," Joe Scarborough said. "But predictably, on cue, that's what he's done."

"President Trump has just tweeted, writing:

"He's going to declare war now. He's going to call up the u.s. military and close our southern border, that's what he's saying," Mika said.

"He is going to stop payments to Guatemala, but he's going to embrace thugs and murders from Saudi Arabia? Is that Donald Trump's morality? Is that his math?"

"Joe, we were just talking about the seeds of fascism a couple minutes ago," Mike Barnicle said. "The president's tweet this morning incorporates a lot of what we just were talking about."

"Attacking the others."

"Fear of the other. Crime, immigrants, they're coming to take your country from you. Why can't anybody help us stop this? You know, put it on Mexico to stop it. They're coming into a country where we now have, as referred to earlier, 13,000 children held along the Texas border in refugee camps, basically," Barnicle said.

"In cages."

"So this is -- I mean, we talk about it. As we talk about it the reality of it pops up on the screen. it's incredible."

"Donald Trump, he fears two-year-old children from Guatemala more than he fears what the Saudis are doing to a Washington Post journalist."
A blatant stunt, aimed completely at mobilizing his mid-term voters, this is now the next shiny object thrown by a purely narcissistic man. How many will fall for it?

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