February 9, 2020

Joy Ann Reid had a stellar panel on Sunday's AM Joy to discuss the media's continued inability to cover Donald Trump in any reasonable and truthful way. Treating him as if he is a "normal" President* is pathetic, as we all know, but many in the media are too scared to call him a liar, a cheat or a danger to our country - three things which he is.

REID: And there was a piece saying that the media has struggled to appear balanced and objective in an era where the President* behaves in shocking ways. They need to find the language to convey the retribution that Trump releases to the public. And I want to go back to Gabe really quickly. Because I wanted you to have a moment to take some water, but the media is still under this self-policing that says that that State of the Union, which was very unusual, that took place in the gallery -- in the House gallery, a sort of sacred political space and it really was show business. And the media still struggled to fit it into the norm of what they expect. But even in FOX News, Daily Beast has a piece that says an internal document obtained by the Daily Beast that says FOX's research team, advises colleagues to be wary of disinformation from several Trump-boosting on-air regulars, including Rudy Giuliani. So internally some people feel queasy. But Trump knows that the rest of the media will cover him as if he is a normal President* no matter what he does.

SHERMAN: Yeah, I mean I think that we all talk about FOX News being the platform that elevates Donald Trump. But I think unfortunately I think that it is the mainstream media that actually does the biggest service to this President*. If you look at the headlines that was after his East Room performance, in the New York Times it talks about President* hailing his acquittal. No, he didn't hail his acquittal, he raged for an hour. And I think the sort of neutral language, the sort of decorum and politeness that has governed newspaper journalism for the last 100 years, that the office of the presidency is afforded, it doesn't work with Donald Trump. And I don't have the answer. I'm a reporter, I'm a writer, so I struggle myself with these issues. But I know the end result is that the public is not having an accurate view of who this President* is.

Exactly. Treating Donald Trump like he is anything but a barking carnival seal is ridiculous. The history books will look back one day and blame the media for allowing this menace to rise to the office of the Presidency. Had they not allowed him to call in to TV shows (I am talking to you, Joe Scarborough) or treated him like he is anything but an idiotic, hateful bigot allowed him to take down every other qualified candidate before him.

Moving on to how we move forward and beat Donald Trump in November:

REID: And that brings me to Rob Reiner who, by the way, you are one of the greatest producers in the history of Hollywood. So i'll just say that. I'm a fan of your as well as a friend. I think the Trump era is really in your world maybe even more than ours. Trump operates really in not even real Hollywood, but reality show TV. So not even your world either. But it is a sort of scripted reality show. So if you were advising the Democrats, how do you counter? The only person that seems to know how to counter is Nancy Pelosi. Because Nancy Pelosi walks out in a red dress and puts on her glasses, she does the Pelosi clap at him, rips his papers, but she doesn't wait for the Democratic response. Let me rip this paper now. Catch me when all the people are watching. She has that theatrical sense. Do any of the other Democrats?

REINER: You're right, I mean, when you've got a schoolyard bully, you got to punch them in the nose and you got to continue to punch him in the nose. I mean, you know, we can't be, you know, liars the way he is. He is a continual liar and if we adopt that, then we become him. So we have to find another way to do it and we have to start thinking about this as -- it is like what James Carville said back in 1992, then it was the economy stupid. Now it it's Trump stupid. And so everything has to be designed to go after him. And so the candidates who don't have a dime's worth of difference when it comes to policy, to see debates where they are arguing about who has the best health care plan back and forth, that is not what will get it done.

What will get it done is somebody that stands up to him every day and punch him in the nose. That will take power, testimony. It will take money. And so far, I hate to say it, Bloomberg is the only one doing that, and the only one that has the kind of money that it will take. He can spend twice as much money as Trump and he can stand on the stage and if Trump calls him short, he can say, well, you're fat. I mean, that is what it's gonna take. You have to fight a schoolyard bully and punch him in the nose. You can't nibble at the edges with policy issues.

REID: Or he'll say you're broke.

REINER: Yeah, he had the perfect line when he said what would you feel about, you know, if you got the nomination and you have two billionaires going after each other, he said, "Who is the second one?" And that is what it will take. It will take a guy who can go right back at him, who has no fear that he can do anything. All these Republicans running around frightened to death that something will happen. We're not going to get those people. Those people are gone. This is going to be a turnout election. We'll have to get behind whoever is the nominee and that person better stand on that stage, and when Trump invades your personal space the way he did with Hillary, you have to turn around and say, "get away from me, pal. Get back to your corner. You don't belong here." Somebody has to say that to him, they have to smack him in the nose and smack him hard. The guy is a liar, a racist and a cheat. So we have to be very tough.

Reiner nailed it. It seems the only person not intimidated and willing to go toe to toe with Trump in the mud may be Bloomberg. It is clear that his commercials have been getting to Trump based on Trump's twitter feed.

Stay tuned.

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