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Kellyanne Conway Bullies Asian Reporter About WH Official Who Used 'Kung-Flu'

During a press spray on Wednesday, the counselor to Trump refused acknowledge that the slur was used, and whined reporters were "shouting" at her.

A NORMAL person with a beating heart and an ounce of empathy would not put an already harmed and hurting individual in more danger. This is Kellyanne Conway we're talking about, here, though, so, normal doesn't really apply. So, when this happened...

Weijia Jiang — a CBS reporter — and her colleagues, including Yamiche Alcindor asked Conway if that was acceptable. Conway deflected, whined, and said several times that she "refused to engage in hypotheticals."

Understand this. When Conway calls this a "hypothetical," she is calling Jiang a liar. She is saying, "I don't believe this happened to you."

Not only that, she took it further and demanded Jiang tell her on camera who it was who used that slur.

CONWAY: Weijia, who was it? Tell us!

JIANG: I think you understand how these conversations go.

CONWAY: No, I don’t know how these conversations go, and that is highly offensive so you should tell us all who it is.

Conway may have agreed in this conversation that the term was offensive, but she also whined, "You guys are shouting at me when I'm trying to help you help America," which is just spectacular white woman fragility on display. Brava, Ms. Conway. *golf clap*

For Conway to pretend she doesn't know how these conversations go is to pretend a journalist isn't in danger of having her credentials yanked out of revenge from this angry administration who openly detests the press. It's to pretend a person who has been the target of racism would feel unintimidated by the white woman demanding on camera you name the racist. It's about as disgusting as one can expect from this administration who, just this Monday, began to refering to COVID-19 as the "Chinese" virus.

Well done, Ms. Conway. You learn from and serve your master well.

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