Fox's Pete Hegseth wants protesters in Seattle to be taught a lesson by "troops," which he compared to a parent forcing a kid “to smoke every cigarette in front of you in the entire pack" in order to learn "what's not going to work.”
June 13, 2020

Fox's Pete Hegseth wants protesters in Seattle to be taught a lesson by "troops," which he compared to a parent forcing a kid “to smoke every cigarette in front of you in the entire pack" in order to learn "what's not going to work.”

On Friday’s Fox & Friends, the Trump lapdogs forgot how much they believe in defying the law over principles as they longed for someone to whip the leftist protesters occupying a six-block radius of Seattle into right-wing compliance.

The protesters have been negotiating with local officials over leaving. But war-criminal loving Pete Hegseth wanted to punish the protesters.

Appearing as a guest on Fox & Friends, Hegseth tried to cover up his hate for his fellow Americans by pretending to hate the polarization in the country. In actuality, he pushed for more of it. The three Trump-lapdog hosts seemed to love every word.

The discussion began with Seattle’s Democratic mayor, Jenny Durkan, saying “Lawfully gathering and expressing First Amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism, it is patriotism.”

Had she hoisted a gun and stormed the statehouse to protest shutdown orders, Fox News would be blessing her. But defending Black protesters demanding equity is what this crew considers an insurrection.

Cohost Brian Kilmeade began by reading a tweet from Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant calling for the precinct to be turned over to “community control” instead of police control and to turn it into a “community center for restorative justice.”

I’m surprised the four didn’t faint on the spot at the thought.

To Hegseth, a community center for restorative justice is downright anti-American. It's also one reason those uppity blacks and probably the media need to be taught a lesson by Daddy Cigarettes:

HEGSETH: A community center for restorative justice - of course everything in Seattle goes back to the idea of reparations, whether it's land stolen from Native Americans or the fact that the country was built on the backs of slavery. America is defined by its sins in Seattle and by leftists. Of course, an autonomous zone is completely unacceptable. If you declare yourself autonomous, you’re rejecting your own country. …

Of course, the Associated Press and left-wing sites are talking about how there’s a festival-like atmosphere inside the zone. Well, that may be happening right now. But reality eventually sets in. They say no cops. no taxes. no guns. Well, except at our checkpoints. You know, no borders. Well, except we built a wall around the outside of this thing to keep people in. No identification -- wait, no, we’re checking IDs when you come in. So eventually disagreements and disputes are gonna happen.

Things are not free and without police and a real economy and rule of law. It will collapse like every other leftist experiment. …

This is the backlash for Washington and Seattle, of catering to antifa and Black Lives Matter. It boomerangs, eventually. The question is, do you send in the troops, do you say hey, this isn't going to happen anymore or do you let Seattle sort of implode on itself? It's the idea of you caught your kids with cigarettes underage and do you take ‘em away right away or do you force ‘em to smoke every cigarette in front of you in the entire pack to learn the lesson of what's not going to work? So, this is going to fail … but it’s a scary glimpse into the mind of leftists right now.

While he was at it, Hegseth suggested public schools and universities could use a dose of his punishment, too:

HEGSETH: A lot of our differences have become irreconcilable. And it comes back to education. It really, really does. In our elite universities, in our culture, in our government schools, kids are now being taught that America is the problem, that America's sins are what defines her and ultimately we are to blame for the problems in the world and that this country has been bad from the beginning.

If you teach that, then these protests are seen as patriotic. That declaring an autonomous zone that gets out of the United States of America all together, replaces cops with restorative justice, which is really code for reparations, that all makes sense. and then you’ve got the other side of that says wait, we know America is flawed. No country is perfect, humans are not perfect, we’re all sinful. But we learned from our past and we improve and have become the most free, most diverse, most tolerant, prosperous country in human history. Why can't you appreciate that? So, we're coming from two totally different perspectives which is what I think shakes people to their core so much about this moment.

Yes, two totally different perspectives, with just one (white) perspective given respect and credence on Fox News and the other repeatedly demonized.

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