May 21, 2021

This post could be about the infantile, asinine attempts of Peter Doocy to make a reference to the Traitorous Ex-president's sham of a book, "The Art Of The Deal," which should honestly just be in the fiction or propaganda section, if still in print at all. Let's get that part over with.

He opened his time by asking, "Just heard you describe the infrastructure negotiations as the art of seeking common ground. At some point, does that become the art of the deal?"

Har. Wink. His teensy brain is thinking, "My Trump Daddy is gonna love me!"

In her best, professional "Killing Him Softly" voice, Psaki replied, "I don't know, you're the professional here, Peter, you're the TV star, ya know? What's the Fox chyron gonna be?"

What followed was the usual back and forth during which Doocy is completely unaware he's just been owned by someone leagues above him. What came next, though, made it clear that neither Doocy, nor anyone at Fox News, have moved on from the Tangerine Twatwaffle's mindset.

Doocy asked, "On Israel, how much credit does President Biden think he deserves for the cease-fire that was negotiated by the President of Egypt?"


First of all, what does that question mean, exactly? His own words don't make sense. It's like asking, "How much of Chris Wallace's paycheck does Harris Faulkner think she deserves?" or "How many strawberries do you need to paint a blanket on strike three?" It's not a thing that is even happening. Pres. Biden is not demanding credit or thanks for anything someone else has done. (Unlike a certain Floridian felonious punk...)

Psaki answered, as you'd expect, with professional courtesy and substance, stating Pres. Biden's objective was "bringing an end to the conflict as quickly as possible." She said, "Our engagements with the leaders of Egypt, the leader of Egypt was a key part of that discussion and a key part of bringing an end to the conflict, given their important relationships with Hamas."

Of course Egypt deserves tremendous credit, and no one is trying to take that away from them. In fact, in his next question, Doocy demonstrated that he knows that, but he insisted on pushing the Trumpy narrative anyhow.

"The president extended his sincere gratitude to President Al-Sisi, and the other senior Egyptian officials who played a critical role in the diplomacy. So, if their role was critical, how does the White House describe President Biden's role?" he asked.

Here is how *I* would have answered Doocy: "Gee, Peter, it's as if no one at Fox News can grok a president that doesn't demand applause and a lollipop for wiping their @ss every time they sh*t. That isn't how it works at the White House, anymore."

Here is how Psaki answered him: "Well, again, Peter, what the president was conveying is that this was an effort, much of it coordinated by the United States, much of which he was involved in personally, engagements on the phone, engagements with his team, a commitment and driving desire to keep the strategy aligned with what we knew would help bring an end to the conflict as quickly as possible."

Like teaching someone how to spell C-A-T, she taught him about sharing credit. "He is also someone who wants to give credit where credit is due and that includes the role the Egyptians played, and the role many countries in the region played in working to bring an end to the conflict. And also his team. He called out the Secretary of State Tony Blinken, he called out his National Security Advisor, and also our U.N. Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who played an important role here as well," she elaborated.

It's the month of May, in the year 2021. Does Doocy not realize yet that Pres. Biden doesn't do things the way his former Fox Daddy President did things? That Biden is not in it for the power and the glory, but for the work, and the improvement of the lives of people around the world?

Don't answer that. We already know.

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