Dan Patrick Blames Democrats For His Ballot Request 'Mistake'
Credit: Lynda M. Gonzalez-Pool/Getty Images
February 21, 2022

When Texas passed their draconian voter suppression laws, they carved out a niche for candidates so that they could still mail out unsolicited ballot request mailers. Of course, being the hypocrites they are, Texas Republicans have been relying heavily on this loophole, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

However, Patrick's mailers included a mistake that may sabotage his own re-election bid:

Also in Texas, new reporting from Alexa Ura of the Texas Tribune revealed that Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick's campaign sent thousands of return envelopes for mail-in ballot applications to Republican voters in central Texas. The problem? The pre-stamped return envelopes, included in a mailer detailing how to request a mail-in ballot, were addressed to the Secretary of State's office, rather than the local election offices to which the applications are required to be mailed.

As a result, these applications have been significantly delayed, with the Secretary of State's office working to redirect them to their proper election offices

So now we have Patrick wasting countless manhours and tax dollars in an effort to redirect all of these ballot requests to the proper places.

Instead of simply saying "My bad", Patrick claims his campaign did it on purpose because of Democrats!

Patrick's campaign insists the error wasn't an accident, and said that “many Republican voters are rightly suspicious of Blue County election officials," adding:

“The decision to direct return mail to the Secretary of State (SOS), someone who is trusted and respected, gave voters an added layer of comfort."

But wait! There's more. There's always more.

Raising the bar to where any sane state would call for an investigation, the Secretary of State's office removed key information from their website:

But according to the Tribune, the website for the Secretary of State's office warned that “all applications received by this office will be rejected.” Curiously, this language was removed from the website at the beginning of the month.

If Patrick ends up losing because of this error and cover up, it should prove to be fun to see all the people pointing out the karma. Or for old timers like me, it would be another example of cheater's proof and that cheater's never win.


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