Florida continues its assault on teachers and public schools by banning 54 out of 132 of all math textbooks submitted because "CRT!!!"
April 18, 2022

On Fox and Friends early this morning, Florida's Lt Gov Jeanette Nunez offered zero proof to her claim that education publishers are trying to infiltrate Florida's K-12 education by planting new off-limit topics in math textbooks.

On Friday, Gov. DeSantis claimed there was "impermissible and prohibitive topics" like critical race theory embedded in their pages.

Continuing the critical race theory con, the Florida governor claimed publishers were slapping paint on their books to hide the fact we were trying to indoctrinate children.

Florida's Department of Education, led by DeSantis's new rules, released this statement, "The highest number of books rejected were for grade levels K-5, where an "alarming" 71% were not appropriately aligned with Florida standards or included prohibited topics, the release said."

Let's look at some examples of CRT being taught to the kids:

Oh, wait. They didn't offer any.

To begin this discussion, Fox News' chyron screamed, "FL DEPT OF EDUCATION REJECTS 54 MATH TEXTBOOKS."

Fox guest host Rachel Campos Duffy, (who has made attacking public schools her mission) opened by claiming there is a woke ideology that they are trying to indoctrinate our children and it's been sneaked into math books.

As long as right-wing provocateurs include catchphrases like "woke" and 'cancel culture" no proof is required.

Florida's Lt Gov Jeanette Nunez replied, "What we have seen is obliviously a systematic attempt by these publishers to infiltrate our children's education by embedding topics such as critical race theory. Things that have nothing to do with math."

Textbook publishers are suddenly now part of the deep state wokeism indoctrination plan to groom your children. Who knew?

There must be hundreds of examples in these books to show the public how they based their decisions on, right? Where are they?

And how does Florida determine what's acceptable?

Campos-Duffy was simply thrilled just to repeat the phrase CRT over and over again.

We are witnessing a fascist take-over of Florida by a megalomaniac who plans to run for president in 2024. And he's lying to do it.

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