Betcha Fox targets every Blue state leading up to the midterms for their CRT hysteria freakout. They've got nothing else now that "Hunter Biden's laptop" has fizzled.
April 18, 2022

Fox News continues to collude with Republicans to attack public schools across the country, claiming children are being indoctrinated with radical left ideas.

Of course this hysteria is merely a tool to win the upcoming midterms.

Massachusetts is next on their list, after Virginia and New Jersey.

On today's Faulkner Focus, supposedly straight-news host Sandra Smith repeated the phrase "woke agenda" multiple times to claim Massachusetts schools are teaching gender identity to the children.

Smith said, "Parents in Massachusetts are fighting back against the woke school agenda. They are now suing one district, claiming teachers encourage kids to change their pronouns and names without parental consent."

"It's just the latest Democratic-led state where the gender identity debate in schools has taken center stage," Smith said.

The suit is by one family in the entire state but Fox News was sure to promote it on their website.

Smith then highlighted a Fox News opinion piece from right-wing activist Ginnie Gentles, a spokeswoman for the Independent Women's Forum, who leads the Education Freedom Movement.

In other words, this group-among-many is promoting the war on education from Republicans. And then Fox amplifies it.

The truth: public schools are NOT teaching your children to switch from boys to girls.

Smith continued, "It seems no lessons learned here by Democrats continuing to push some of these woke policies in America's schools."

From one lawsuit, with no discovery, from one family in Massachusetts, Smith is judge and jury for Fox News viewers and has already rendered the verdict, "Democrats are targeting your children."

Maybe these parents should check out this new generation's social media because "pronouns" are not something public school systems have created.

Not that facts matter. After all, it's Fox.

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