Former Bush Speechwriter Wishes Obama Wasn't So Partisan

Michael Gerson, who once wrote speeches for George "If You Vote for Democrats The Terrorists Win" Bush is pretty much the most reliable right-wing concern troller in the media, and he doesn't disappoint with his latest column.

Whatever his intentions or provocations, Obama is now engaged in partisan polarization on an industrial scale. His campaign’s latest round of Bain charges is not politics as usual. It is the accusation of criminal impropriety — the filing of false government documents — without real evidence, as various fact-checking outfits have attested. Obama’s recent attack ad, “Firms,” reflects the sensibilities of a particularly nasty 13-year-old. It is difficult to imagine most Americans saying: “That’s just what American politics most needs — more juvenile viciousness.”

It seems quite clear that Romney, at a minimum, perjured himself about his role at Bain. And falsifying financial disclosures to the SEC is a felony, as Stephanie Cutter pointed out.

But obviously Gerson was taking a nap while his boss was running the Swift Boat ads against John Kerry, which were nothing but a bunch of lies and personal attacks -- and were thoroughly debunked. And speaking of "juvenile viciousness" maybe he forgot the Bush/Cheney "Windsurfing" ad. Because otherwise, he'd be a big fat hypocrite, right?

...according to Gallup, the gap between partisans’ approval ratings of Obama has been “historically high.” This does not mean the GOP bears no responsibility. It only means Obama has made Washington more broken and continues to make it more broken — both responding to grievances and creating new reasons for grievance.

So Gerson's bosses spend 8 years flinging Rovian poo on Democrats. As soon as Obama is elected, Republicans compare him to Hitler and conspire to make him a one-termer. But Obama's made it worse because he's actually fighting back.

How much does Michael Gerson get paid to write this crap?


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