National Review's Andy McCarthy: Before Fluke, Limbaugh Didn't Engage In Personal Attacks

Even before his vicious, sexist attack on Sandra Fluke, El Rushbo was a deeply reviled figure with the American public. And now, as his advertising sponsors continue to bail, even Republicans are abandoning him.

But just like they did with George W. Bush, the dead-enders in the wingosphere are determined to go down with the USS Limbaugh. Over the past week, they've offered some pretty hilarious defenses of Rush, but this take from Andy McCarthy at the National Review is truly in a class by itself. Rush eloquently explained today in publicly apologizing, yet again, to Sandra Fluke, his error in judgment was to succumb to a temptation at odds with the personality fans have come to know, and the person friends have come to know, over the past 25 years: the temptation to resort to the base language of unfounded personal insult — the language that is the Left’s stock-in-trade and that Imus often seems unable to complete a sentence without.

Apparently on Planet Wingnut, the man who compared feminists to Nazis, who called Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog," who told an African-American caller to "take the bone out of your nose," who promoted a song titled, "Barack the Magic Negro," called the president a "Halfrican American," said he and the First Lady weren't "decent Americans," compared both President Obama and President Clinton to Hitler, labeled veterans who opposed the Iraq War "phony soldiers," dismissed Danica Patrick as a "woman driver," and suggested that all homosexuals are pedophiles -- eschews ad hominem attacks.

And, besides, that's what the "Left" does.

Simply amazing.

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