Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Jonah Goldberg Edition


Even though Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds had a hugely stupid "both sides do it" post as well, Jonah takes home the gold today. Because to people who can breathe through their nose, there's a glaring, obvious difference between a politician who engages in hyperbole (Biden), and a politician who clumsily but very accurately describes their actual beliefs and policy preferences (Akin).

Biden, as far as I can tell, has never introduced any anti-slavery bills -- but Akin has co-sponsored "legitimate rape" laws. And as David Frum pointed out, this view about rape and abortion that Akin articulated is quite common in Republican ranks. This was hardly just a "gaffe."

And let's be clear about something else.

The idea that Republicans are responsible about policing their own when one of them says something offensive and crazy is itself, offensive and crazy (see here, here, here, here, here, here and here -- ah, screw it -- just go to Media Matters).

The only reason the GOP is stepping in this time is because they know Akin has single-handedly put control of the Senate in jeopardy. If he were in a safe seat, they'd yawn. But when even Michelle Malkin admits you've stepped in it, you've screwed the pooch good.


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