Wingnuts: Romney Lost The Election Because He Was Too Moderate

This was entirely predictable, but still hilarious.

“The moderates have had their candidate in 2008 and they had their candidate in 2012. And they got crushed in both elections. Now they tell us we have to keep moderating. If we do that, will we win?” said Bob Vander Plaats, president of the Family Leader. Vander Plaats is an influential Christian conservative who opposed Romney in the Iowa caucuses 10 months ago and opposed Sen. John McCain’s candidacy four years ago.

Never mind that Romney didn't campaign as a "moderate" on a single issue--not one. Ignore that he picked right-wing darling Paul Ryan as his running mate. And forget the fact that Romney surged after the first debate, when he Etch-a-Sketched himself lots of moderate positions.

Nope, Romney/Ryan lost because Romney was insufficiently wingnutty. That's the ticket!

“It was the one time we actually contested ideas, presented two viewpoints and directions for the country,” he [Ted Cruz (R-TX)] said at the Federalist Society’s annual dinner in Washington. “And then, inevitably, there are these mandarins of politics, who give the voice: ‘Don’t show any contrasts. Don’t rock the boat.’ So by the third debate, I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama.”

So, Ted Cruz thinks Romney lost the election because he agreed with him too much during the foreign policy debate? Delusional.

The way politics works is, if don't know why you're losing, you'll just keep losing. So keep it up, guys.

Palin/Cruz 2016!

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