The Funniest Sunday Morning Moment


I laughed so hard at this segment. First Chris Wallace allows Newt Gingrich to make the "but Clinton broke the law" excuse for his sexual hypocrisy, and Wallace never once mentions Newt's $300,000 fines from the House Ethics Committee. Not once.

Immediately following this shagfest, Chris Wallace engages in a whiney rant about the White House turning down an FNS request for Secretaries Clinton and Gates to appear, though they went on other networks. Chris Wallace claims that the mean White House is denying Fox News viewers the opportunity to hear why American troops are being committed in Libya. Well, they COULD change the channel, Chris.

Then the punchline:

But next we'll hear from Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

What, Jon Kyl was busy? Honestly could you choose two more predicable regurgitators of Roger Ailes dreck? Way to keep your massive number of viewers "informed" there, Fox.

And the FNS website once again has the audacity to call their appearance an "exclusive." Because neither of these over-ripe wingut windbags are on Meet The Gregory every other weekend.

Lieberman McCain exclusive FNS.jpg

Your right wing propagandistic Sunday Show is not prom night, Chris. Let's hope the White House is done with you permanently. Your network has no other goal except to destroy this White House and everything it does. Why should they bother with you?


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