April 4, 2009

Wyatt Cenac filed the report from London for Jon Stewart on Thursday night's Daily Show, and he was shocked, shocked by the angry protests:

It's bulls--t, John. I'm hearing anti-American slogans, I'm seeing angry protests. This was not the deal. The deal was, we give them Obama, they don't hate us anymore.

You bait-and-switch m---f---rs, you tricked us!

I already ripped the Canadian flag off my knapsacks -- and the back of this suit. What am I supposed to do now?

At some point, a brick enters the picture.

Look, the chancellor of Germany, hey! Remember when our last president tried to feel you up? Has the new guy told you you look tense and tried to look down your shirt? Did he pretend to fall and grab your boobs? No! Quit your whining and agree with our economic policy!

No, I thought the only reason they never cooperated with us was because the last guy was such a dick!

They've got Taylor Hicks syndrome. They begged us to vote for a guy, and now that he's won, nobody's buying his album. Suck it up, Europe, he's your American Idol!

Of course, Hannity and O'Reilly and the rest of the Fox crew busily plumped the "Europeans still hate us" meme all week, as usual, mewling piteously about how they're a bunch of "whackos over there" (O'Reilly's phrasing) and so on. But then, they thought "the last guy" was not a dick but a prince among men.

So the brick-throwing thing does indeed come readily to mind as a measured and appropriate response.


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