D.L. Hughley Asks: If It's A Center-right Country, What About The Election?

Bay Buchanan tried spouting the right-wing meme that "this is still a center-right country" when she was on D.L. Hughley's CNN show this weekend, and he had a simple question:

Hughley: Bay, do you think all the evidence -- even the election? That's the biggest evidence we would have. It's kind of shifted, don't you think?

Buchanan tried to filibuster the point (sure, it was a good campaign, blah blah blah) and then emits this howler:

Buchanan: This was a rejection of Bush, it was not a rejection of that which is conservative. George Bush did not govern as a conservative.

Sure. Because all that deregulation of the financial sector, all that gutting of government services like FEMA, all that warhawking in Iraq, all the tax cuts for the wealthy ... all of the things that Bush oversaw and which got us into this mess -- why, those things aren't conservative at all! And they had zero support from conservatives while Bush was carrying these policies out!


The rest is equally amusing. Hughley shoots down her arguments expertly, and all Buchanan can do is grasp at straws.

[H/t to Heather for the video.]


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