Nights at the Roundtable (Christmas Edition) continuing with a look at the 1987 IRS Records Christmas album "Just In Time For Christmas" (erroneously listed as released in 1990) featuring Reckless Sleeper(s) with "Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday".
December 20, 2011

In lieu of a band photo, the album cover.

Two more tracks after this and you'll have the whole album (which I understand is drop-dead rare from what I've read). Continuing with IRS Records contribution to the spirit of Christmas and tonights entry, Reckless Sleeper(s) with Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday.

A couple historic quibbles - most of the websites talking about this album say it was released in 1990. Unless the printer was living in the past, the copy I got from the Press Officer at the time says it was released in 1987. The other thing, reading up (and looking for photos) about Reckless Sleeper(s) - there's only one S on the jacket copy, they say the band didn't actually get together until 1988, which this track pre-dates by about a year. The Reckless Sleepers released one album in 1988 and featured Jules Shear as primary song writer. So either a lot of people are chronologically off or we're talking about another band entirely - which I kind of doubt. I mean, what are the odds of having two bands with a name of Reckless Sleepers, right?

So, this album may be more of an anomaly than we all think.

But it's Christmas and accuracy has very little to do with the holidays anyway so . . . . .


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