Ann Coulter Attacks Newt Gingrich For Depleting The Well Of Sentiment Against The Liberal Media


Apparently Ann Coulter isn't too happy with Newt Gingrich and his attacks on the "liberal media" and going after John King during the CNN South Carolina primary debate, not because she doesn't think that the evil liberal media bias that Gingrich was attacking doesn't exist. She's afraid that Gingrich was just using it as an excuse to cover up what she considers a serious issue which is his marital infidelities.

Coulter is afraid that Gingrich is going to trivialize something that should have been trivialized already, which is the constant attacks by Fox claiming that the rest of the media is biased other than themselves and they're all out to get conservatives.

Count me as one playing the tiniest violin for Coulter and the fact that she doesn't like Fox's game being laid bare by Gingrich where a good portion of the public might figure out how utterly ridiculous it is.

And of course we can't get through a segment with Coulter on the air without her doing a bit of race baiting of her own and going after Jesse Jackson.

I'm finding Coulter's screeching now about Gingrich and his tactics fairly amusing because for one, they're the same ones that have been used by Fox and right wing radio and Coulter and her ilk for ages. And her defense of Mitt Romney and her support of him rings pretty hollow when this is the same woman who was saying we'd better nominate Chris Christie and that nominating Mitt Romney means that President Obama will be reelected. Now she's full on board with the winner of the Fox primary, Mitt Romney, in coming to his defense here.

I think there are more important things than Gingrich's marital problems with what most Americans should be considering when looking at these candidates as well, but I don't think you can eliminate the honest arguments about the hypocrisy when it comes to Gingrich and what it says about his character. I'm far more concerned about the horrid policies he's advocating for, like the rest of them on the right, which would mean the poor getting poorer, the elimination of our middle class, the rich getting richer and income disparity continuing to grow under any of them if we're unfortunate enough to see any of them elected.

I am actually enjoying watching the right implode and the civil war that's breaking out among their ranks as this primary race goes on though. Everyone talks about Democrats participating in a circular firing squad. Right now, the party that looks like its firing on each other is the Republicans.


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