Blast From The Past: Andrew Breitbart Vs Michael Eric Dyson On Real Time: Breitbart Defends Limbaugh's Racism


One of the commenters at Video Cafe reminded me of this segment so I decided to pull it out of the video vault. A little over a year ago on March 13, 2009 Bill Maher had Andrew Breitbart and Eric Michael Dyson as the only two guests in this interview on Real Time. Sadly Maher strayed from his usual show format that night with three of these interview segments in lieu of a monologue, opening interview, a larger panel segment and New Rules.

When I watched this a year ago my main thoughts on Andrew Breitbart were how obnoxious he was and how he really just ruined the show and I didn't understand why Maher wanted to give someone like this any kind of a format. A year later after Breitbart and his underling O'Keefe did the hit piece on ACORN and after watching him lie about the racism and hatred coming out of the crowds at these Tea Party rallies, I thought a reminder might be nice of what a slimeball this guy is. He defends Rush Limbaugh's racism in this segment and says this about anyone who points out the truth about Limbaugh's racist rhetoric.

Breitbart: Calling a person a racist is the worst thing you can call a person in this country.

Sorry Breitbart, but there are a lot worse things you can call people. Calling Limbaugh a racist is just stating a fact. Thankfully Michael Eric Dyson was there to shoot down Breitbart's nonsense. This is one of the most obnoxious segments I've ever watched on Real Time.


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