C-SPAN Caller Has Solution For Bush Tax Cuts Debate - Just Let Democrats Pay The Taxes


This is your brain after listening to too much right wing radio and watching too much Fox Noise. During C-SPAN's morning call in show Washington Journal, a Republican caller has what he thinks is the perfect solution to solving the debate over whether to extend the Bush tax cuts -- just let the Democrats pay the higher tax rate if they want to get rid of them.

BRAWNER: Baton Rouge, LA, Bob, Republican line, you’re our last phone call on this question. Go ahead.

CALLER: Yes… ugh… I’ve got the perfect solution for this tax cut thing. If you just make the Democrats pay the taxes and everybody else that wants the tax cuts don’t have to pay the… you know, they can get the tax cuts, you’d watch those Democrats squirm, I’ll tell ya… (laughter) and that’d solve the whole the whole solution. All you have to do is just tell the Democrats, go ahead and pay your taxes. If you want to pay them taxes, you pay ‘em, but ugh… everybody else that wants the tax cuts, let ‘em get their tax cuts.

BRAWNER: Alright, that was Bob, a Republican in Baton Rouge LA.

I wonder if Bob is receiving Medicare right now? I wonder what government services Bob would like to give up in exchange for opting out of paying the same rate as any "Democrat" in the same tax bracket as he is. Maybe Bob thinks that everyone should be allowed to opt out of any tax they don't feel like paying. You know Bob, I would like to be able to "opt out" of having any of my tax dollars going towards our ill advised invasions of other countries that weren't a threat to us, but I think if I tried that, the IRS would be paying me a little visit.

This is the same mentality that's led to union busting in so called "right to work" states. Workers get to "opt out" of paying dues, but they force the unions to represent them so they can bust the unions. If they made that worker take a lower wage, have no benefits and be subject to firing with no union representation, they'd be thinking twice before deciding they didn't want to pay their dues.

Sadly people like Bob don't seem to understand that when everyone in a society doesn't feel that it is their duty to make sure that the most vulnerable in that society are protected, we don't have a civilized society any more. And we surely don't have a middle class. Someone's duped Bob into carrying water for the have mores out there and it's a sorry statement about just where this country is headed when there are tragically way too may Bobs out there that actually believe this same garbage.

And this is a great example of what I hate about this call in show on C-SPAN. Can you imagine this same man calling into Thom Hartmann's show? He'd have gotten a long lesson on tax cuts, what built the middle class in America, trade agreements and outsourcing. Instead we got let's move along to the next topic from the "neutral" and useless C-SPAN host.


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