From The Cafferty File: As the Republican Party continues to struggle, some of them are starting to sound silly. Rush Limbaugh is now suggesting that
May 5, 2009

From The Cafferty File:

As the Republican Party continues to struggle, some of them are starting to sound silly. Rush Limbaugh is now suggesting that Sarah Palin is the most prominent and articulate voice for good old-fashioned American conservatism. Recalling the disastrous interviews Ms. Palin did with Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News during the campaign, ‘prominent’ and ‘articulate’ are not the words that immediately pop into my mind.

But the leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, thinks differently…

Limbaugh also insists that some Republican leaders hate, despise and fear Sara Palin as well as find her embarrassing. The embarrassing part I definitely understand.

He’s referring to that new group formed by old Republicans called the National Council for a New America. It’s made up of folks like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal and John McCain who are working to re-brand the GOP.

Limbaugh says it’s nothing more than an early campaign event being held by a bunch of Republicans who have what Limbaugh calls “presidential perspirations.” While some members of this Council for a New America are calling for doing away with the Reagan era and finding a more forward looking message, Limbaugh says a lot of that talk is code meant as a knock on Sarah Palin who is conspicuously absent from the National Council for a New America.

Well don’t you know, once again Limbaugh speaks and Republicans snap to attention and salute. No sooner had he said all this stuff than Congressman Eric Cantor announced that Palin had finally accepted an offer to join the National Council for a New America. Go figure.

Here’s my question to you: Rush Limbaugh says Sarah Palin is the most “prominent and articulate voice” for conservatism. Is he right?

Jamal from St. Petersburg, Florida writes:

Of course he’s right, he’s Rush Limbaugh! He knows everything! I mean, can anyone tell me how a mere radio talk show host can control the Republican Party and wield more power than Chairman Michael Steele? And if he says the “mavericky”, beautiful, wolf assassin -whose foreign policy experience is comprised of seeing Russia from Alaska - is the best hope for conservatism, then she must be.

K. writes:

Palin makes Bush look like a genius. Need I say more, except that Limbaugh is an arrogant jerk and should just zipper his ugly hate-mongering lips!

Steve from New York writes:

Jack, Why do you keep on bringing up Palin? You sure like to rub it in. Don’t you have somebody else to pick on? Pick on some Democrats once in a while. I get sick of hearing about Palin and I’m sure there are others in the same boat. This is like torture.

Kevin from Alabama writes:

Jack, The Republican Party has strayed from true conservatism for some time now. I think Mike Huckabee is a more viable candidate in 2012 than Sarah Palin. I seriously wish there were a conservative party for those of us who are sick of the GOP!

Branden writes:

Sarah Palin is definitely prominent, if only because TV networks choose to cover every language-mangling appearance she makes. With regards to articulate, see my first sentence.

Maggie writes:

Rush is likely right and will remain so until the Republicans can get that 4th grader who interviewed Condoleezza Rice to join their party, which will finally let the world see they are trying to raise their party’s intellectual level.

Barry writes:

Jack, Of course Limbaugh is correct. Alaska has the highest registration of Republican caribou, bear, elk and moose in the country. They are the only ones who understand Palin when she speaks.

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