Looks like Carly Fiorina decided that Sean Hannity isn't such a "tough interview" after all since she came running back into his loving arms for another softball session with him to bash her opponent for the US Senate in California, Barbara Boxer.
October 23, 2010

Looks like Carly Fiorina decided that Sean Hannity isn't such a "tough interview" after all since she came running back into his loving arms for another softball session with him to bash her opponent for the US Senate in California, Barbara Boxer. The former HP outsourcer who doesn't think that there is any "job that is America's god given right anymore" trashed Boxer for her record on job creation and rattled off of course the typical Republican talking points we've heard this campaign season... the stimulus didn't work, spending is out of control, and yada yada.

Fiorina must have been really grateful for Sean being nice to her one more time since she even gave him a shout out for his faux documentary "The Valley Hope Forgot". The Huffington Post has more on that one -- Sean Hannity Steals From Hollywood In His Mockumentary, "The Valley Hope Forgot".

Please California let's not send this woman to Washington DC. I already had my fill of her before McCain's staff stopped her from doing any more interviews.

HANNITY: All right. The race for California Senate seat is tightening as we close in on Election Day. In the latest FOX News state poll shows that Senator Barbara Boxer's Republican opponent Carly Fiorina is closing the gap.

Now Senator Boxer is slightly ahead of Fiorina, 48-44. And with less than two weeks until voters head to the polls, and it's still anyone's game.

And joining me now is the Republican Senate candidate herself Carly Fiorina.

Welcome back to the show. Thanks for being with us.

FIORINA: It's great to be back with you, Sean. Thanks for having me.

HANNITY: All right. Obviously the president is spending a lot of time and resources. How many times did the president, vice president, Michelle Obama -- how many times they've been out there campaigning for Boxer?

FIORINA: Well, the president is out this week for the third time. Michelle is out for the first time. The vice president is out here for the second time. That is all the proof you need to know that Barbara Boxer is in serious trouble.

And in less than two weeks we can win this race.

HANNITY: All right. One of the issues that has emerged in the campaign that I think has shocked a lot of observers is the issue of "Roe v. Wade." And Barbara Boxer is trying to attack you, calling you too conservative for this traditionally blue state.

An extreme that you would become a key Senate vote to overturn "Roe v. Wade." Your reaction?

FIORINA: Well, look, as I've told you many times on your show, I am a conservative. And I'm a pro-life conservative. But this is very typical for Barbara Boxer. Barbara Boxer always turn to abortion at the end of the campaign. And particularly she is doing it this year, because she cannot talk about her own record.

She has 28 years of failure in Washington, D.C.. She can't talk about jobs because everyone in California knows the stimulus bill is a failure. Our unemployment rate is as at sky high, 12.4 percent.

She can't talk about cutting government spending because all she's done is increase it. And those are the issues voters care about. Jobs, out of control government spending. And what has Boxer done for the last 28 years?

So Barbara Boxer is going to try anything she can to distract attention away from her record, from jobs, from out-of-control spending.

The reason after spending $12 million attacking me this race is virtually a tie is because none of that works. People are focused on the important issues of this race. I will not run away from my beliefs, ever. But I will also stay focused on the issues that voters care about in this race.

HANNITY: What was interesting for the president of (INAUDIBLE), Nancy Keating, actually said that if you win it would be like having Sarah Palin representing California. So is that an attempt to demonize you or is that a compliment by comparing you to Sarah Palin?

FIORINA: Well, I guess it depends who you listen to. I'm quite complimented. But look, here's the thing. Barbara Boxer, imagine this. Imagine being in Washington, D.C. for 28 years and having nothing to talk about in terms of your accomplishments on behalf of the people of California. She has nothing to say.

People can help us out by going to CarlyforCalifornia.com. We can win this race. It is ours to lose now. Think about what an incredible symbol and signal it would be to Washington, D.C. if we were to unseat one of the most bitterly partisan, liberal, career politicians in Washington, D.C.


HANNITY: Now you are fighting back. Last Saturday you spoke to some combat veterans and what you said in that speech was, this is not a senator that is a friend of American -- America's heroes.

And it's something we must hold her accountable for on November 2nd. What did you mean by that?

FIORINA: Well, John McCain was out with me to talk with the veterans. And what he said was having served along side Barbara Boxer for many years, that she was prepared to wave the white flag of surrender. That she would never vote in support of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, that's a fact.

That she was the most bitterly partisan and unpleasant -- those are his words -- senator that he had ever served with.

And what I'm reminding voters of, is that this is a senator who, for example, not only dressed down that brigadier general for daring to call her ma'am instead of senator, she also is one of only 14 senators who refused to condemn the disgraceful Moveon.org ad that described David Petraeus, one of the finest generals our country has ever produced, as "General Betray Us".

This is a senator who is not a friend of our fighting men and women and she has not been a friend either of the people of California.

HANNITY: For the all the years she's been in Washington and she certainly -- and you called attention to the fact that she's very proud of her title. For all the years she spent in Washington what are her chief areas of accomplishment that she's citing?

FIORINA: Well, exactly. She doesn't have any. So let me tell you, Sean, honestly.

The main thing she has done is named things. She has named a lot of post offices. She's named courthouses. Honestly I'm not kidding here.

But when it came time to help turn the water back on for the poor people in the Central Valley, an issue that you've highlighted in your program, she stood in the way of getting that water turned back on. It's still off.

That is why one of the first things I will do as a senator from the state of California is get the water turned back on. What she's done is voted for trillions of dollars in higher taxes, trillions of dollars in additional government spending, loads of new regulation. You know she's all for cap and trade, which would cost this nation millions of jobs.

She's for those things, but she hasn't accomplished anything on behalf of the people.

HANNITY: She's the incumbent and she's below 50. It's a four-point race. You're dealing with a very blue state. How do you -- what are your closing arguments in the final days of this campaign that you think can turn this race around and take a blue state with a liberal senator like Barbara Boxer and turn it red?

FIORINA: Well, there is a poll out this very week that shows us up three. There is a poll out that shows us in a tie. This race is close. Within the margin of error. And the closing argument will be what it has been all year long, jobs. We must grow them into the private sector, out of control government spending. We must hold people in Washington, D.C. accountable.

Barbara Boxer has been there 28 years and she has done nothing to help the people of California. Carlyforcalifornia.com, we really can use all the help we can get and we can beat her.

HANNITY: All right, Carly Fiorina. We're watching closely. Thanks for being with us. We appreciate it.

FIORINA: Thank you.

Can you help us out?

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