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Colbert Takes Keith Ablow Apart For 'Brilliant Long Distance Diagnosis' Yanked From His Ass

Stephen Colbert took Fox resident psychiatrist and Freudian phallic symbol, Dr. Keith Ablow to task for his long distance diagnosis of President Obama.

It was a long week last week without Stephen Colbert around for a bit of comic relief during the GOP's brinksmanship leading to the government shutdown, but he was back with a vengeance this Monday evening, and after a brief recap of some of the damage done to our economy by that fiasco, took aim at Fox's Dr. Keith Ablow and his "brilliant long distance diagnosis" of President Obama, which Colbert described as being yanked "so smoothly from his ass."

After playing some of wingnut Ted Cruz claiming that the shutdown was a remarkable victory, Colbert laid into Cruz before getting to Ablow's ridiculous remarks.

COLBERT: Yes, this shutdown was a remarkable victory and as with all victories, we've got to figure out who to blame. Well, Fox News resident psychiatrist and Freudian phallic symbol, Dr. Keith Ablow, knows exactly who caused this victorious train wreck.

Cue Ablow repeating this nonsense: Fox's Ablow: Being "Abandoned" In Childhood Has Led Obama To "Offer The Mantle Of Victimization To As Many People" As Possible.

COLBERT: Yes, Obama's refusal to negotiate with Congress was just him getting back at his parents. I mean, we've seen this sad story too many times. African American males without role models go onto become president and give everyone health care.

I believe that's a brilliant long distance diagnosis by Dr. Ablow, but one must ask, how was he able to yank such an insightful diagnosis so smoothly from his ass?

Colbert went onto give his own diagnosis of just what's ailing Dr. Ablow.

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