David Gregory: "Bush Was Courageous Too On Iraq"


On Morning Joe, Karl Rove's ex-dancing partner David Gregory is asked whether President Obama will be seen as courageous for sticking to his guns if the health care bill passes. There are so many things wrong with his response it's hard to know where to begin, but I'll just start with how completely, utterly ridiculous it is to compare invading another country that was not a threat to us to passing this health care bill, no matter how flawed it might be. And Bush was "courageous"? Really David Gregory? And Iraq is in a "better place now" after we bombed the hell out of that country and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees? Are you f-ing kidding me? And surprise, surprise he throws in a bit of fear mongering Republican rhetoric that the government can't run anything for good measure.

Gregory: Look Bush was courageous too on Iraq. He stuck to his guns on Iraq and that didn’t work out so well. Even if Iraq is in a better place now it didn’t help him politically. He certainly stuck to his guns. I think health care is different and I think Tom is right because the White House does make an argument that once you get it passed, once you have the achievement it starts affecting people’s lives, then they see some of the benefits of it. But it’s how long that takes and look this is also not happening in a vacuum. It’s not just that we’re waiting for health care reform. There’s a lot of things that are happening all at once the government is involved in. The lack of trust in government is what’s so ah… really the backbone of this argument against Washington and whether Washington is broken right now. Americans don’t trust government to run complex systems.

They need to just move this whole show over to ClusterFox and be done with it.


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