David Gregory Quotes Tom Coburn's Views On Gingrich's Affairs In The Wake Of The Ensign Scandal


On Meet the Press, David Gregory asked serial adulterer Newt Gingrich if he was going to have any problems with social conservatives who have called him a hypocrite for carrying on his own affairs while going after Bill Clinton. And who does David Gregory decide to quote here? Senator Tom Coburn. The same Tom Coburn that just helped to negotiate bribes for now former Senator John Ensign, who may now be facing criminal charges for his behavior.

GREGORY: You look at the field that's starting to take shape on the Republican side -- and we'll put the, the current polling on the board -- Mike Huckabee is now not running. He was high up there. Donald Trump . You were there at 10 percent. And our latest poll still indicates that you've still got high negatives. There's still a high unfavorable rating. Some of that, Mr. Speaker, has to do with your own personal life , the fact that you've been married three times, you had extramarital affairs , one of -- during which the time that Republicans were pursuing President Clinton for impeachment that earned you the label of being a hypocrite.

And I wonder how you're going to deal with this, particularly when social conservatives , like Tom Coburn , senator from Oklahoma , has said the following about you. And I 'll put it up on the screen. This was from last summer. Senator Coburn "made it clear that he won't be on Newt Gingrich 's 2012 presidential bandwagon. " Gingrich 'is a super-smart man, but he doesn't know anything about commitment to marriage ,' he said of the thrice-married former House speaker . 'He's the last person I'd vote for, for president of the United States . His life indicates he does not have a commitment to the character traits necessary to be a great president.'"

Someone needs to tell David Gregory that his irony alert button is broken. That or he's desperate not to remind the viewers about the Ensign scandal at all.


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