Dick Morris: Bachmann And Palin Are An Existential Threat To The Democratic Party


I don't know what Dick Morris was smoking before he came on Bill O'Reilly's show this Wednesday, but maybe he should be sharing it. After being asked about some poll numbers for the GOP primary race and Bill-O asking him to conduct one next week where he asks who's responsible for "the giant debt America has", as though O'Reilly doens't already know if was George W. Bush and Republicans that busted our budget after Bill Clinton left surpluses, Morris decides to chime in with some of his infinite wisdom on Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

MORRIS: They are an existential threat to the Democratic Party, because the Democratic Party is essentially based on women; women and minorities. And therefore when they meet a conservative Republican woman, that threatens them in a way that a man never can. And that's why they are so vitriolic against both of them.

O'REILLY: Yeah, you've got the gender politics going on in there.

Yeah, that's the ticket Dick. Palin and Bachmann are about as much of "an existential threat to the Democratic Party" because they are women as Herman Cain is because he's black. Dick Morris apparently thinks that Democratic female voters have brains the size of peas if they'd vote for either of those know-nothings just because they're women.

Granted you may always get a few outliers out there that would vote for them because they're women, but if he thinks it would be some kind of serious threat that Democratic women would leave in vast numbers because a couple of women, one of whom is not even a nominee yet, are running (or maybe not) for president, he's deluding himself, or more likely, just trying to delude the people who watch O'Reilly's show and take it seriously.

And they're not being treated in a "vitriolic" manner because they're women. They're being treated in a "vitriolic" manner because they're both unqualified to be president. But that won't stop Dick Morris from playing the victim card for both of them.


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