Fox's Steyn: Louie Gohmert Is 'One Of The Few Serious People In Congress'


If anyone needed further proof that Sean Hannity's show on Fox "news" is a complete clown show, here you go. After complaining about House Speaker John Boehner stripping some of these "tea partiers" from their committee assignments and even the possibility of him negotiating with President Obama over this so-called "fiscal cliff," guest Mark Steyn called Rep. Louie Gohmert "one of the few serious people in Congress."

Louie Gohmert.... terror babies Louie Gohmert.

Here's more of the recent insanity that's come out of that man's mouth in case anyone's forgotten.

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Update: The Huffington Post noted on Wednesday that Gohmert was the only member of Congress to vote against a bill that would have removed the term "lunatic" from all federal laws.

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