Graham Uses Syria As An Excuse To Push For Military Intervention In Iran


Who didn't see this coming? The Obama administration makes an attempt at some diplomacy in Syria and Lindsey Graham and his BFF John McCain aren't happy about it -- and the media allows them to flood the airways, carping that President Obama looks weak. McCain shows up to call any deal that doesn't include military force "a loser."

And of course Graham decided to use what's going on in Syria an an excuse (as though he needed one) to amp up the rhetoric one more level with threats to attack Iran. Graham and his ilk aren't going to be happy until they've got us in the middle of WWIII.

HUCKABEE: Do you trust the agreement and the parties that are putting it together?

GRAHAM: Absolutely not. It's s blind alley. It's a box canyon for America. Putin's led us down a road here where there's just no good outcome. Without the threat of force, this agreement means nothing. The reason I wanted to strike Assad was to punish him, deteriorate his ability to deliver chemical weapons and change the tide of battle. But Mike, what happens if Assad says, “:No, you can't go there? " Without a chapter seven resolution, which the Russians are threatening to veto, which would allow the use of force to enforce the agreement, it means nothing. So this is a debacle. […]

HUCKABEE: You feel that if we don't get this situation in Syria resolved, that within six months we're going to be dealing with something far more serious between Iran and Israel. Explain what you mean and what kind of serious situation do you think we'll face in six months.

GRAHAM: Well, Iran is the biggest ally of Assad. They're linked to the hip. Russia's been helping. So anything we do in Syria is sending a signal to the Iranians. I believe the Iranians are trying to develop a nuclear weapon and not build a nuclear power plant. Do you agree with that Mike?

HUCKABEE: Absolutely. I don't think there's any illusion on any sane person's part to think that they're not trying to weaponize nuclear materials.

GRAHAM: Well, look how we've handled the chemical weapons threat in Syria. If we duplicate that with the Iranians, they're going to march toward a nuclear weapon and dare Israel to attack them. So in the next six months, our friends in Israel are going to have to take the Iranians on unless the United States can send a clear signal to Iran, unlike we've sent to Syria. The mixed message and the debacle called Syria can't be repeated when it comes to Iran.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to get a bipartisan coalition together. We're going to put together a use of force resolution, allowing our country to use military force as a last resort to stop the Iranian nuclear program, to make sure they get a clear signal that all this debacle called Syria doesn't mean we're confused about Iran.

We may be confused as a nation on what to do with the chemical weapons in Syria, but we're not confused as a nation about what to do with the nuclear program in Iran. I think Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and vegetarians all believe the Iranians cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon and we have to send that signal and I'm going to draft a resolution allowing force to be used to stop their nuclear program.


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