How Many Lies Can Charles Krauthammer Tell In A Minute And Half?


When asked why the Republicans' presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney was having a bit of trouble with the voters out there and why he might look just slightly out of touch to a lot of people he's supposed to be representing, Fox regular Charles Krauthammer responded by seeing how many lies he could pack in to his minute and a half response to guest host John Roberts.

How many lies did Krauthammer just tell here?

ROBERTS: You, know Charles, Romney was handed a home run ball, right there, straight across the plate today, right in the sweet spot. He hit the ball pretty hard, but for some reason, he cannot get the type of traction he needs to on the economy to make it stick to President Obama, and raise his profile. Why?

KRAUTHAMMER: It's I think incomprehensible. This is the one big issue, it's the one issue that affects everybody, it's number one on people's list and he's got all the arguments. Ironically what's happening is in states like Ohio, the President is running an ad campaign, which talks about Romney at Bain being an outsourcer in chief. The implication is, and it's a clever one, it's actually working in the polls, that somehow this minor employer, Bain Capital, headed by Romney, operating more than ten years ago, because of its outsourcing, is somehow responsible for the unemployment and the misery of people today.

Where as it's quite obvious that the economy has been in the hands of Obama for three and a half years, spending a trillion dollars, increasing our debt by five trillion dollars and getting us nowhere. He promised in fact at the time that our unemployment rate today would be 5.6 percent. It's at 8.2.

And Romney's inability to bring home the argument that it's that that's responsible and not, you know, the crisis in Europe, the tsunami in Japan, who knows, earth quakes and tsunamis all over the world, and the outsourcing by Romney in the 1990's is simply incomprehensible. If you can't make the argument he doesn't deserve to win the election.

I caught a few. Feel free to help me out with any I missed in the comments section. One, no one in the Obama campaign is claiming that Mitt Romney and Bain are personally or solely responsible for the unemployment numbers today. They are claiming that the practices they employed which have been used by so many other firms as well are a part of the reason for that misery, and that it calls into question Romney's claim that he was a "job creator."

The economy has not "solely" been in the hands of President Obama for the last three and a half years and Republican governors who are laying off public sector workers, busting unions and giving tax breaks to corporations are responsible for our economy, along with the Republicans in Congress who have refused to go along with anything the President has tried to do which would create jobs.

The President's staff believed unemployment would be lower than it is now, but that was before they realized just how badly the economy had fallen off a cliff, thanks to Krauthammer's buddy, he that shall never have his name spoken, George W. Bush.

And speaking of Bush, that deficit he's complaining about is primarily due to Bush's policies, and not Obama's. And sorry Charles, but the stimulus spending worked and brought us back off of that cliff Bush left us hanging on when he left office, despite the fact that conservatives forced it to be watered down.


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