January 12, 2009

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Bob Schieffer asks John Boehner whether they're likely to pass Obama's stimulus package and whether the rest of the TARP funds should be released. Of course after his years of concern about how Republicans have driven us into a financial ditch, Boehner is suddenly now all about fiscal responsibility. Even after admitting we've got some severe problems that need to be addressed quickly Boehner doesn't seem to have many real reservations about slowing the passing of the stimulus package down and uses his "Democrat" colleagues for cover.

Boehner: We need to do this quickly but we need to do it in a responsible way. Whether we can do it in a responsible way that quickly is unknown. Earlier this week I thought surely we could have it to the President's desk by the middle of February. [..] As I begin to hear comments from my Democrat colleagues in the House and Senate you know they're raising real questions. [..] ..we have a budget deficit that we need to be concerned about. And I think a lot of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle know that we can't borrow and spend our way to prosperity. That we can't bury our kids and their kids under a mountain of debt. And so, what is responsible?

Yeah. NOW he's worried about our deficit and the debt left to the next generation. I'm so glad to see that timely concern on your part Rep. Boehner. And of course first and foremost Boehner is concerned about keeping those tax cuts in place. Notice how he doesn't mention keeping the ones in place for the richest in the country but talks about working people and small businesses? He talks about Americans using tax breaks to invest. Right now most Americans are either afraid to invest (since they haven't cleaned up the regulatory mess and no one knows what's safe) or don't have any money to invest in the first place. He mentions people saving the money but that's not going to do much to stimulate the economy is it?

Boehner: I think that clearly the most important part is allowing American families and small businesses to keep more of what they earn. If we allow them to keep more of that they earn they're going to spend it. They're going to save it. They're going to invest it. All of which is good for the economy and it can begin immediately. We don't have to wait for some government program to work or some government check to show up. We can do it quickly. And so I think the bigger point here is what's going to be in the package.

He goes on to say that most Americans are a "little skeptical" about government spending. Well gee..why do you think that is? It couldn't be because the Republicans have been completely irresponsible with how they've spent our tax dollars could it?

And lastly Boehner is asked whether the other half of the TARP funds should be released or not.

Boehner: I don't think so. I voted for the economic rescue package. I clearly thought it was necessary. I certainly raised a lot of concerns over the last several months about how it was spent and the TARP board we set up in the legislation to oversee this came out with a report late last week highly critical of the Treasury Department and the way they've proceeded. And I think until there is a demonstrated need in our economy, a plan to address that need I think it would be irresponsible for Congress to release the additional money and I frankly think there are Democrats and Republicans alike who have great concerns about this.

I'm so glad you're willing to do the right thing and actually care that the TARP money is not wasted now that a Democrat is coming into office Rep. Boehner. We could have used a little bit of that while Bush was slipping provisions into the way the money would be allocated for the first half. As usual with everything you do IOKIARDI but if it's a Democrat in charge, you're all about oversight and fiscal responsiblity as are the rest of your cohorts.

Maybe if you'd shown a little more concern over doing one iota of oversight on how our tax dollars have been spent while Republicans were in charge we would not be in the mess we are now.

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