Michael Steele Tells Democrats To Change Disclosure Law Knowing Republicans Blocked It


I guess it's asking too much for David Gregory to ask Michael Steele how the Democrats were supposed to get past a Republican filibuster if they wanted to get the DISCLOSE Act passed? Instead he allows Steele to criticize Nancy Pelosi for not "disclosing" her evidence of how much money the US Chamber of Commerce gets from foreign donors. Yeah Steele, you and the Republicans are all for transparency, except for when you aren't.

And you know full well Nancy Pelosi is helpless to do anything about this as long as the Democrats do not have filibuster-proof numbers in the Senate.

DAVID GREGORY: Our investigative correspondent, Mike Isikoff, have said that not since Watergate have we seen this kind of special interest money, without transparency, washing into an election cycle. Are you worried about this?

MICHAEL STEELE: No, I don’t know what they’re talking about. No one has produced one shred of evidence that any of that is happen-- happening. And-- you know-- look, you know, when the President, then Candidate Obama was asked to disclose-- some of his donors, because there was suspicion of there-- being, you know, the foreign source of money into his campaign-- they refused to do this. So, don’t give me this high and mighty, you know, holier-than-thou attitude about-- about the special interests-- flooding-- flooding the political marketplace.

The Democrats have been dabbling in those areas and clearly disclosed it. If you-- if you think that there’s something out there, disclose it, Nancy. Disclose it-- you know, anyone else who’s got that evidence. Don’t just make the charge and sit back and say, "Oh, gee, see." Give-- give the evidence. Put the evidence out there. And then let’s have that discussion.

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