Newt Gingrich Blames Hillary Clinton For His Support Of The Individual Mandate


Newt Gingrich attempted some verbal acrobatics during the Iowa GOP Presidential debate hosted by ABC and decided to tell the tall tale that the only reason he previously supported the individual mandate for health care insurance and opposes it now is that at the time Clinton was pushing for reforms to our insurance system, and while that was going on, it was the lesser of two evils to support the mandate.

Since then, Newt has apparently seen the error of his ways on how horrible it is for anyone to actually have listened to what he said before when he loved the mandate and before he blamed his flip flop on Clinton as he did here.

This man is supposed to be the big "brain" and the smart guy with his attraction to conservatives with his rise in the polls which amazes me, since he seems to have a very hard time telling the truth about the simplest of issues or the most complicated, every time he opens his mouth. This one tonight being no exception and his flip flopping on the individual mandate.

He was for it before he was against it and that evil Hillary Clinton made him hate it after he got a good look at it... or something. Sadly we didn't see any push back on Gingrich's hackery from either the moderators or the other candidates during the debate this Saturday night.

Here he is with some "historical" perspective on his flip flopping or in other words, Gingrich talking out of both sides of his rear end:

GINGRICH: I just want to make one point that's historical. In fighting Hillary-Care, virtually every conservative saw the mandate as a less dangerous future than what Hillary was trying to do. The Heritage Foundation was a major advocate of it. But after Hillary-Care disappeared it became more and more obvious that the mandates have all sorts of problems built into them. People gradually tried to find other techniques.

I frankly responded in trying to find a way to make sure that people who could afford it were paying their hospital bills, while still leaving an out for Libertarians who did not buy insurance and what's what we were wrestling with.

It's now clear that the mandate, I think is clearly unconstitutional, but it started as a conservative effort to stop Hillary-Care in the 1990's.


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