Palin Goes After GOP 'Architect' Rove During CPAC Speech


You've just got to love the irony that former half-term Gov. Sarah Palin and now former Fox employee, ended up getting close to a half hour of commercial free air time live on Fox to attack Karl Rove, who still remains employed at the network. Nothing like the smell of schadenfreude on a Saturday afternoon.

Palin takes jab at Karl Rove in CPAC speech:

In her speech on Saturday at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took jabs at the Republican establishment, gun control advocates, and President Barack Obama. She also singled out former GOP kingmaker Karl Rove, suggesting he return to Texas and run for office himself. [...]

She singled out former advisor to President George W. Bush, Karl Rove, for special scorn. Rove, in some ways, led the establishment wing of the Republican Party in falling out of love with Palin. Rove has called the former half-term governor thin-skinned and saying she lacks “gravitas.”

“If these experts keep losing elections keep raking in millions, if they feel that strongly about who should run in this party they should buck up and run or stay in the truck. The architects can head on back to the Lone Star State and put their name on the ballot,” she said.

Full transcript of her remarks below the fold.

Ending the top-down approach of DC also means changing our top-down political process. The next election is 20-months away. Now is the time to furlough the consultants, and tune-out the pollsters, send the focus groups home and throw out the political scripts, because if we truly know what we believe, we don’t need professionals to tell us.

And if we truly seek to know the hearts and minds of the people, there is no substitute for going out and asking them – being one of them with real world experience, actual conversations with actual hard-working Americans, and that goes for finding candidates as well. Creating a government by, for the people. It means looking toward our communities, our PTAs, our service clubs, small businesses, Tea Party rallies and City Halls – for people who are willing to lead. Do you know someone who’s judgement you trust, someone who doesn’t just preach common sense, but who actually lives it? Well, encourage her or him to run for office.

Are you mad as hell and think you have a better way? Then run yourself. Don’t let the big consultants, the big money men and the big bad media scare you off. Don’t let them invalidate you when you no doubt have more real world, practical experience with family and real work. That’s real life, than those in the political bubble who try to tell you who’s worthy, who just doesn’t fit their bill. The last thing we need is Washington DC vetting our candidates.

If these experts who keep losing elections and keep getting rehired and getting millions , if they feel that strong about who gets to run in this party, then they should buck-up or stay in the truck. Buck up or run. The Architect [Karl Rove] can head on back to the great Lone Star State and put their name on some ballot – though for their sakes, I hope they give themselves a discount on their consulting services.

Friends you have heard a lot of different voices, offering a lot of different ideas the past few days. I am just humbled. I am just so grateful to be just one of them. I have been so blessed to spend so much of these past years getting to know even more of America, not from the top down, but from the heart looking out, and this I know, there is more wisdom, more character, more grit and common sense in the soldiers and the Mom’s and the teacher’s and the laborers and the firemen and the fishermen and the students and the cowboys – and other extraordinary Americans that I’ve met along the way, than will ever be found in the cocktail parties of power across the river, and …

…if We the People have one message to send to Washington, I’m sure it would be this: Get Over Yourself. It’s not about you.

Coming from someone who was completely unqualified to be vice president and propped up by the establishment and who is straining to remain relevant, Palin needs to take a bit of her own advice. I hate to break it to Republicans, but this clown show they just put on called CPAC isn't going to do anything to help them with their efforts to "stop being the stupid party."


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