Romney Who Has Reassembled Bush Neocons As Advisers Gives Obama An 'F' On Foreign Policy


As TPM reported this Thursday evening, CBS News’ Jan Crawford sat down with Mitt Romney for an interview that is scheduled to air in full this Friday and Romney gave President Obama an "F' on foreign policy.

Despite Bin Laden, Romney Gives Obama An ‘F’ On Foreign Policy:

In an interview with CBS News’ Jan Crawford scheduled to air later tonight, Mitt Romney gives President Obama an ‘F’ grade on foreign policy, even when considering the successful raid on and death of Osama bin Laden.

“Oh an ‘F’, there’s no question about that,” Romney tells Crawford.

“Even despite the killing of Osama bin Laden?” asks Crawford.

“When I look at foreign policy, when I look at across the board in foreign policy, I look at the fact that he was looking to have a force of American troops staying in Iraq securing what was so hard to have been won there with a status of forces agreement - he failed to achieve it,” Romney explained. “I look at what’s happening in the Middle East - the Arab Spring has become the Arab Winter - that’s hardly a success.”

As we've already noted here Romney's idea of what makes for deciding on what is good foreign policy is to bring back in all of the Bush neocons to show us once again just how successful taking these same people's advice was under President Obama's predecessor and to constantly beat the drum for more military intervention as a first resort across the globe and for more military spending, and the cuts to domestic spending and our social safety nets as a result be damned.

It's astounding to me that those in the media refuse to acknowledge the recent history of just how disastrous Bush's policies were and why they're not asking Romney why he thinks taking advice from the same people who advocated for invading Iraq and Afghanistan is a good idea or who he should be hiring.

If Mitt Romney thinks President Obama deserves an "F" on foreign policy, I wonder what grade he thinks we ought to be giving him?


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