Schieffer: 'If We Did Our Politics Like (the BCS), Computers Would Decide Who Wins Our Elections'


Apparently Bob Schieffer's irony alert button is broken given these rigged voting machines we're dealing with all over the country or stories the media completely ignored like this one. Democracy Now: Mark Crispin Miller on the Death of Mike Connell and Election Theft in 2008.

Schieffer: Nix Deciding Bowl Games by Computer:

And aren't you glad that even though our system isn't perfect, we still finish our elections the right way - we vote!

Too bad we can't figure out the right way to pick a national champion in college football!

Instead of a playoff to determine the national championship, which is how the other sports do it, college football has something called the BCS - the Bowl Championship Series - a mysterious organization that feeds statistics and other mumbo jumbo into computers to determine who plays for the national championship. [...]

If we did our politics like that, computers would decide who wins our elections - maybe based on the strength of their opponents, or positions, and maybe there would be style points for the best yard signs.

But we don't do it that way (thank goodness), so I pass on the advice from my mother that I always pass on before elections: Go vote, it makes you feel big and strong.

. . . And if you can figure out a way, vote against the BCS!

I don't want to discourage anyone from voting. Get out there and do it this Tuesday. But avoid those electronic machines if you've got a choice. We need to get rid of them entirely.

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