Walker Tells Scarborough Republicans Need To 'Lay Out A Plan'


Republicans have been "laying out plans" alright, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ought to know about them, since his extreme right-wing agenda has fit right in with Republicans on the national level. That didn't stop him from trying to differentiate himself on this Monday's Morning Joe from the reactionaries that are causing all of the turmoil in the House right now.

Walker: GOP Leaders In Washington Need To ‘Lay Out A Plan’:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said Monday that Republicans in Congress need to develop a concrete agenda that isn't defined by just opposing Democrats, as well as be able to articulate that agenda to voters in terms they understand.

"As governors, as state leaders, we’re more optimistic than our friends in Washington,” Walker said on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe.' “We’re not just against something, we’re laying out a plan, laying out a vision. You don’t just sit back and nick the other side – you got to lay out a plan.”

"We talk in terms that are more relevant,” Walker added. “Sequester, for most people it just goes right over their head. Debt ceilings, fiscal cliffs — we talk about making our kids’ schools better, we talk about balancing our budgets so we can live within our means, we talk about helping our neighbor get a job again.”

When host Joe Scarborough asked Walker why he opposed a government shutdown to defund Obamacare, the governor said he had "real problems" with the healthcare law but that the GOP wasn't correctly addressing the problem.

“I think most Americans, even if they don’t like the size or growth of government, they still want something to work, something very fundamentally to work, and that’s a difference again between Washington and the state level," he said.

So far, it doesn't seem any of Walker's grand plans for his state are working out so well for average citizens there or for job growth. Don't expect the likes of Scarborough to ask him about that though. He was more worried about schmoozing with him and talking football and kissing his rear end than asking him any serious policy questions about how he's governed his state.

If this guy throws his hat into the presidential clown car on the right, look for the media to pretend he's some kind of "centrist" just like his buddy Chris Christie, when they're both just a couple of Koch funded right-wing extremists. The only "plans" these guys have for Americans is busting more unions, destroying more safety nets, giving more tax breaks to their campaign contributors and continuing to drive up income disparity to worse levels than we're seeing today and leaving us where we're gong to be damned lucky if there's anything left of the middle class in America.


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