This Is Your Brain On Fox: Arkansas C-SPAN Caller Misquotes Paul Krugman


I don't always get a chance to catch C-SPAN's morning call in show, Washington Journal, but when I do, I can usually immediately tell which callers have been watching way too much Fox News or listening to too much hate talk radio. They've got all of their talking points down pat. Here's Charles from Bella Vista, Arkansas:

CHARLES: Say, Krugman and the people in Congress, they want to spend the money. We're $16 trillion in debt and we borrow forty cents on every dollar. Our children and grandchildren can't afford this.

Krugman keeps saying, well we've got to spend money to get out of the hole. You ask him what country or what instance that ever worked and all he can ever say is well, they never spent enough money to really prove my theory. And free trade and capitalism has worked fine. And when the government gets out of the way...

SWAIN: And so Charles, let me ask you about the situation we're in right now with this fiscal crisis and the aftermath. You want that Washington still stay totally out of the way? No more spending? You don't want the Fed to do anything? What's your prescription?

CHARLES: Absolutely. I don't want the government in anything. Free trade and capitalism has worked. This country made it. They become great by standing back and lettin' the people do the work.

And people, you can't steal from one person to give to another. The gimme' people are now at 50 percent and you can't win that argument. We get a little more people that want something for nothing, it's never going to come out of the hole.

First off, as to the lie about Krugman, he has cited an example of when spending got us out of an economic hole and it was this pesky little thing the caller apparently doesn't know anything about called a world war. Second, he's repeating the lie we hear from the right that half of the country doesn't pay any taxes, when that's only true if you're looking at income tax alone and ignoring all the other taxes everyone pays, and even Republicans used to agree with leveling the playing field in that regard with something called the Earned Income Tax Credit, which was supported by that terrible Socialist and wealth redistributor Ronald Reagan.

The caller also ignored that a whole bunch of the people who are not paying income taxes are seniors who are on fixed incomes and should not be paying any taxes on their very limited retirement incomes. I would love to be able to find out if he's one of them. It would not surprise me since he sounded like he could be older.

And last off, when he talks about those who are wanting "something for nothing," we all know he's not talking about white people. I have a feeling no one's ever pointed out to this man that more white Americans than black are receiving food stamps right now.

Not that it would probably make much difference if anyone tried. These people have their preconceived notions and they're sticking to them and facts be damned. They can go get their own set of facts from the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh instead.

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