Krauthammer Calls Kristol A 'Socialist' After He Rips On Twinkie Execs


On Friday November 30th, Charles Krauthammer got so frustrated with Bill Kristol's appearance on the All-Star Panel of Fox News Special Report that during the last segment of the show he called Kristol a socialist.

KRISTOL: I'm continuing my class warfare theme here. The winners I think are the 19 top executives at Hostess brand who may get bonuses worth up to almost $2 million as the company goes out of business, for managing, going out of business – while the workers', of course, pension funds haven't been filled up for, a year.

And the losers, uh, the workers of America, because you know, in this budget deal everyone's talking about, the one tax that everyone agrees should go up, apparently on the Democratic and Republican sides, with a couple of outliers, is the payroll tax – Social Security payroll tax – so there's going to be a two percent, there is going to be tax increases January, unless someone steps up and says, “Wait a second, we're giving everyone else a tax break and everyone's Social Security taxes go up.”

BAIER: Winners and losers.

KRAUTHAMMER: Kristol's turning into a Socialist... He's the Secretary of the Treasury sitting right over there. Worker's champion.

Kristol has been standing by his position that conservatives should not look like the party of the 2% and fight for millionaires and instead acquiesce over raising tax rates, but the nail in the coffin came when Kristol then defended workers yet again.

What chapped Dr. Strangehammer was that he attacked the Twinkified executives of Hostess for getting a $2 million bonus for destroying the company, and then called the workers the real losers because ownership pillaged their pension benefits along the way. Good on you, BIll. Even if it is but a fleeting moment, I'm enjoying Conservatives carving each other up. (h/t Heather for coming up with a great video clip for me)


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