Dexter: Season 8 Episode 4 'Scar Tissue'


Scar Tissue is an interesting title for episode four of the season. Let's face it, Dexter has a few scars to deal with from his murderous urges over the years (Rita, Deb, Harry) even if he is a psychopath. But Debra is covered in scars that are still like open sores after murdering LaGuerta. But now we get to see some actual footage from the archives of Dr. Vogel of her father discussing how has doubts that Harry's Code can save Dexter. Evelyn Vogel is using her collection of taped interviews to help straighten out Deb's self-destruction crusade that's been going on for these last six months. Debra has been living with her this past week after she got stoned out and tried to confess to Quinn that she murdered Maria at her old station.

Debra & Dr. Vogel

The episode opens up with Deb re-enacting the LaGuerta killing in the same storage container with Evelyn. Only this time, she imagines shooting Dexter dead instead of Maria. Vogel is attempting to break down the walls of her guilt by making her relive the experience and feel her feelings. You know, those damn things that have been driving Dexter nuts this season. She also explains that she did what any loving sister would have done and that she's still a good person.

You desperately want to believe that if you had just shot Dexter then you wouldn't have to face the hard fact that if you had to do it all over again you'd still choose him because in your heart you know you will always choose Dexter.

I wonder what Vogel charges an hour?

Dexter, BSK & Doctor Vogel

Dexter is still pouting over the fact that Vogel won't let him see his sister while she's treating her and demands that she gets Deb to forgive him. She's fascinated again by his outpouring of emotion for Deb and she tells him the hard truth that he may have to accept the fact that he may have to be out of Debra's life forever. Dexter looks at her incredulously and refuses to accept this.

Their attention turns to the BSK hunt and he explains that he crossed off another three former patients names from his list and the next person up is one AJ Yates. Vogel tells him that he was a very violent juvenile when she treated him.

He tails AJ to his work and notices a big, fat clue: Yates has a massive scar wrapped around the back of his head which looks like the same pattern the BSK has been carving into his victims. Ding ding ding, I do believe we have one serial killer here. He heads back and questions Vogel about the massive scar he found on AJ and she tells him that she had forgotten about it. Sure, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn. She remembers that she had spotted something in one of his brain scans and suggested an operation to remove it, but never found out if he ever had it done. Dexter is not amused as she tries to fluff it off as a mistake.

Brain Surgeon Killer

Dexter breaks into Yates house for a little recon and finds that he's got a sick father in the hospital and a ton of women's shoes in his closet. That's not a good sign at all. Dexter knows he's found the BSK and dials Vogel on the phone. He doesn't realize that not only does Yates have a kill room hidden in his house along with a girl strapped to one wall, but he also has camera surveillance monitoring the whole house and guess what? He's scoping out Dex as he's making the call. Yates (BSK) then creeps out and up on Dexter with a taser in hand, ready to pounce, when he overhears Dex talking to Dr. Vogel about him and his shoes and this gets him intrigued so he backs off and decides to withdraw from his attack.

Dexter leaves and then re-breaks into the house armed with his trusty syringe only to discover no Yates. He does find the kill room along with the girl he's been torturing. She's barely alive and blood is gushing out of her chest from a stab wound. Dex gets her out of the house.

Later on, he tries to apprehend Yates with one of his best methods of capturing prey: He impersonates a hospital employee where Yates' father is being cared for and fakes an emergency. Yates races over to see his father but then foils Dexter's plan and escapes the syringe. Dexter was way too sloppy and definitely is losing his hunter mojo because of the situation between him and Deb. He would never have lost Yates otherwise. Something's gotta change.

Dexter & Dr. Vogel

After dropping the girl off at the hospital, Dexter finds that Yates has a copy of all of Dr. Vogel's old patient files on his computer. Vogel is shocked by this and says it's impossible. He then spots a two week old file so he opens it up before Evelyn could stop him and he finds that Vogel has been writing about him like he's an experiment or fodder for a new book. There are scores of notes about everything they have talked about since she revealed herself to him. She says it's only the way she can process information, but he rejects that and believes she's keeping Debra away from him to isolate her subject.

You were experimenting on me with Harry and you still are. I'm a lab rat just like Yates.

He calms his rage at being betrayed and tells her that after Yates is dead they are done, over, fini. He layers on an extra helping of psychopathic menace to drive home his point across and she acknowledges it in the spirit that he delivered it.

Debra & Dr. Vogel

While at Vogel's home, Debra starts searching for more videos of her father. She finds the last taped interview he ever did with Evelyn before he died at Vogel's desk. Only this one shows Deb how tormented her father became after seeing Dexter methodically cut up a person into little pieces after he killed him. He's at his wits' end and almost crying. The last words that Harry Morgan says to Dr. Vogel from their last session is that he doesn't know if he can live with what he's done. And then she responds, And I'm supposed to?

Debra & Dexter.

Soon after, Debra goes to the Miami PD station to find Dexter, but she sees Quinn first and gives him a big hug and apologizes for her meltdown at the station a week ago. She hasn't been getting loaded since then and tells him how much he means to her. She then finds Dexter outside who's really relieved to see her. She says she has to talk to him, but privately so they jump in a car and drive away. She asks him if their father committed suicide over Dexter and he tells her that he did because he couldn't accept creating a monster like him.

She calmly says:

I think I know how he feels, why he killed himself. But I think he got it only half right.

And she grabs the wheel of the car and plunges it off an overpass and into a body of water. (Looks like Vogel failed this patient.) A man hanging out by the water sees the car go into the drink and he swims to the sinking car and pulls Deb out and takes her to safety. She quickly regains herself and sees Dexter submerging with the car. She suddenly races back into the water to try and save Dexter.

Even though Vogel's therapy ended up with Deb momentarily trying to commit a double suicide, Vogel was right about one thing:

Debra will always choose Dexter.


* Did Dr. Vogel leave her Harry Morgan session videos very accessable so Debra could find them?

*Did Dr. Vogel purposefully forget to tell Dexter that Yates was supposed to have brain surgery that was very similar to these killings?

*Did Dr. Vogel kill Harry Morgan and make it look like a suicide?

* Angel tells Quinn that he passed the sergeant's test with flying colors, but then Quinn gets into a bar fight with the cop who was running his mouth off about finding Debra drunk in her car while he's out on a date with Angel and Jamie. Not a good move all the way around. What does Jamie even see in Quinn?

*Vince Masuka finds out that he has fathered a daughter (Dora Madison Burge from Friday Night Lights) from his wild college/sperm donor days. There's got to be something up with her, right? Every girl that walks into his lab that's cute usually has a screw loose...

* Captain Matthews still isn't in love with the idea that Angel wants to promote Quinn as his sergeant with his first hiring move. What's going on there?


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