FOX News Cuts Away From 'Giffords Vigil' When Sarah Palin's Name Is Mentioned

[Ed. note: Better-quality video below.]

Fox News started covering a vigil that was happening at the steps of the capitol in Arizona in honor of Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot earlier today. As soon as a young man mentioned Sarah Palin's name, FOX News abruptly cut to commercial. It's sickening. FOX News will do anything to protect the investment they have made in Sarah Palin, even at the expense of Rep. Giffords.

Smith: in addition we are noticing outside the capitol in Phoenix with pictures courtesy of KSAZ, which I'm told you can put up there; a vigil is taking place...

Man: Gabby, we have to look into our hearts and say to ourselves why, why do I want power. Not that I want power. And I say to you Sarah Palin. {Smash Cut to commercial.}

Sarah Palin has today been under criticism because of her insane "Target Map" in which Giffords was a member of those that were put in the cross-hairs.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was one of Sarah Palin's biggest fans during the 2008 election so it surprising to see her bash Sarah Palin over her over the top "Re-Load" Face Book chart and called it despicable.

In never-thought-you'd-see-the-day news, staunch conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck went off on The View yesterday, railing against none other than Sarah Palin.

Why? Because Palin, for whom she campaigned during the '08 election, released an ad that put 20 Democratic members of Congress literally in the crosshairs.


The former Alaska Governor's Facebook page features her political action committee's ad targeting the 20 Democratic incumbents, with a SarahPac map marking districts where Democrats voted "yes" for health care reform with guns.


Hasselbeck also opposes health reform, but she's actually far more upset about how people on her own side of the political spectrum are handling themselves.

"I think the way some Republicans are handling this is nothing more than despicable," she said in response to Palin's tasteless ad. "It's disappointing to see this coming from the Party, and I would hope that leaders like Sarah Palin would end this."

The violence that we predicted is taking place and it's even scaring the likes of Hasselbeck.

FWIW, here's the SarahPAC graphic in question:


No wonder Fox and Palin want everyone to forget. Especially Fox. There's nothing they won't do to protect Sarah Palin.

UPDATE: Here's a better-quality version of the video:

(h/t Dave Weigel tweet)


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